Monday, August 1, 2016

Timbo's Low Carb/Sugar Green Tea Frappuccino

For today's blog entry I'm not going to write about making furniture, helmets or props.  Instead I'm going to share my recipe for my low Carb/Sugar Green Tea Frappuccino.

I don't much like going to Starbucks and spending way too much money on coffee, however their Green Tea Frap is out of this world in my opinion.  And it's no wonder it tastes so good - it's mostly sugar.

For the last several months I began a lifestyle change - I'm not calling it a diet.  There are some things I don't allow myself to eat or drink anymore, and Starbucks is one of them.  Some people can't fathom that I no longer eat bread, or rice, but I've lost 50 pounds in just under 4 months (of course, with exercise.)  But I do miss those Green Tea Fraps come summertime.  So after trying out many recipes found online, I tinkered and came up with something I feel is very close to Starbucks in taste. However, it is considerably lower in sugar & carbs (I want to say approximately 5 grams of carbs/.2 grams sugar for this recipe). The color and texture might not be the same as the original from Starbucks.

To start off, here is a list of the ingredients used:

Green Tea Bags

Artificial Sweetener packets

Heavy Whipping Cream

Torani's Sugar Free Vanilla and Raspberry Syrups.  The Raspberry is optional, but I highly recommend it.


Green Food Coloring (optional)

and Whipped Cream (optional).  

For my recipe I use Green tea bags, but there is a product called "Matcha Powder", which is a Green Tea powder.  I found it very difficult finding this stuff near me, and when I did find it, it was very expensive.  So making the actual tea with tea bags is much, much cheaper.

To start I fill up a reusable bottle with 4 cups of water.

I then poured that water into a pot and I add 6 Green Tea bags.

Then I let the water boil.

I then removed the pot from the range.  I let the tea steep for a while and cool off.  Then I poured the green tea back into the bottle with 6 packets of sweetener mixed in and put it in the fridge to chill.

Next you'll need a blender.  I am fortunate enough to have a Ninja.

Next, load up 1.5-2 cups of ice into a measuring cup.  It's hard to say exactly how many ice cubes makes up a cup, but I want to say around 6-8 cubes are needed for this drink.  Too much ice will make the drink too thick.  Too little ice will make it too liquidy.  If you're unsure, start off with too little ice.  You can always add more ice later.

Take the ice and pour it into the blender and blend the ice until it's almost perfect snowball consistency (slushy).

Once your ice is mush, add 1 cup of the cooled-off Green Tea...

...3/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream...

...2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Syrup...

... and 1 Tablespoon Raspberry syrup to the blender.

Then blend everything.

This does not have the greenish color that the Starbucks Frap has.

But if you want it to be green add a drop or two of green food coloring and mix.

Once everything is mixed, pour it into a cup.

Then add some whip cream and a straw.

Lastly, enjoy!

Feel free to comment with any suggestions.  People who regularly have a lot of sugar everyday may find this to be a bit bland.  For me - someone who has as little sugar possible everyday -  it tastes great!

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