Monday, October 24, 2016

Junk Wood Project: Small Patio Table

In my last entry I made some mail bins out of junk wood I found, and luckily I still have some junk wood left over, because it's time to fix up this small patio table.

I made this about a year and a half ago out of scrap material.

It's been a super useful table next to the BBQ, or when I deep fry food outside.

The hardwood legs have held up nicely through the extreme temperatures of Arizona.

However the cheap particleboard top has not.

And I have just the piece of wood for the new top!  This is some of the leftover from the junk wood I found.

It almost fits perfectly on the top.  But before I attach it, I need to fit up the existing top.

To do this I removed the top from the legs.

I then broke apart the mitered wood edges of the top and threw away the particleboard.

I then removed the nails that were stuck in the edge wood.

Then sanded and cleaned those pieces up.

Next I reassembled the edges, this time using some self-tapping deck screws.  I have come to love these screws more than drywall screws, my old favorite.

The self-tapping screws help save time by not requiring me to pre-drill holes.

Once the top frame was reassembled, I reattached the legs.

And this thing is holding up very nice and strong.

Next I placed that piece of wood on top.  It's wide enough, just not long enough.

So I found another piece of junk wood to help fill the space.

I cut some 45-degree corners...

...that will make a nice back to the table top.

Next I used my new wireless circular saw to trim the width of the new table top.

Then I attached all the pieces with more deck screws.

Then I sanded off the old finish and edges.

But I decided to take things a step further and make a bottom shelf.  So I cut a few more pieces of junk wood, which I had previously planed smooth...

...and attached them to the legs to make a small shelf.

After a little more sanding and clean up, I decided to give it a coat of red spray paint and let it dry overnight.

This is the same red I used to paint up my rustic ladder I made the year before, and which has also found a home in my back yard.

However, the ladder was sanded to look rustic and worn, so I repeated the process with the table.  My buffer (with sanding attachment) achieved  the worn and rustic look quite easily and quickly. 

And my little table revise is done!

I couldn't be more happier with it!

After cleaning it up a little, I brought it back outside and placed it next to my BBQ.

It will continue doing a great job holding plates of meats and vegetables.  Since BBQ season lasts all year long in Arizona, this table will have a lot of use!

And once again, another successful project using junk wood and spending no money!  I can get used to this!
Thanks for reading!

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