Monday, October 3, 2016

Junk Wood Project: Wall Mounted Mail Bins

Recently my girlfriend and I were walking around in Target when she spotted a few pieces in the HOME section that she liked.  This particular item looks (to me) to be a wall mounted mail box of sorts.

So I took some pictures and redesigned it in SketchUp. 

Recently I have been a cheapskate, and not bought any wood for new projects.  I've opted to use the scrap wood I've had for an assortment of projects.  However, it is coming time for me to get more wood, as I'm almost all out.  I've begun driving around looking for palettes only to find that they won't fit in my car.  So I decided to buy this nifty little battery-powered circular saw to help break down palettes to fit in my car.

On this particular day I didn't find any palettes, but instead found someone who was throwing out solid wood.  So I threw the good pieces into the back seat of my car.

When I got home I unloaded it all.

Then I used my new saw to straighten some ends.

I thought this wood would be good to use on the mail bins my girlfriend wants.  So I referenced my plans and began cutting the wood pieces to width on the table saw.

Next I needed to make all the pieces the same thickness, plus shave off the faces that had some sort of finishing on them.  So I ran each piece through the surface planer.

Before long I had many nice pieces of wood to work with.

Next I cut each piece to length on the miter saw.

Then I began assembling the mail bins using glue and nails.  First came the sides, top, bottom and middle pieces.

Then I added backers.

Next I cut a 45-degree cut on 3 pieces of wood.

Then they were glued and nailed to the front of the piece.

I then laid a piece of wood against the side and drew a shape that connected the angled front to the sides.

I cut out the shape on my jigsaw table jig.

I repeated the process for the other side, then glued and nailed the pieces to the rest of the bins.

And I think that'll do it for construction.

Next I began sanding and softening all the edges and surfaces.  For this I used fine sandpaper on my mouse sander.

There were many joints that weren't super flush, so I used my buffer (with a sanding attachment) to make all the joints flush.  This sander is super aggressive.

Once or twice the sander got away from me and shaved off more than it was supposed to.  But it's okay because I do enjoy uniqueness.

Then I did the same thing in a few other spots, only this time intentionally.

To add to the wear n' tear, I used my chisel to make a number of scratches and gouges.

Then I sanded everything once more with fine sandpaper.

After a little clean up, I applied some stain.

And those scratches and gouges really show up nicely once the stain is applied.

While the stain was drying I cut 3 small pieces of MDF on the table saw.

Then I began painting a few layers of chalkboard paint onto them and let them dry as well.

Once the mail bins were fully dry I sprayed many layers of glossy clear coat onto them.

And once the clear coat was fully dry I glued and nailed the 3 chalkboards onto each of the 3 bins.

Then I cleaned it up and brought it inside to hang on the wall.

I wrote my girlfriends name on one bin, my name on another and 'coupons' on the third.

Then I filled the bins with all our mail that was collecting on the dining room table.

I hung these bins over the little table in our kitchen which covers the paper shredder.

But being next to the bar as well, it could use a little extra... I placed some glasses and a white wine sign on the top.

Now it blends well with the shredder and the bar!

The bins at Target costs $30 - which isn't a bad price - although my bins cost $0 and that's a better price!  I'm definitely going to continue searching for free wood around my area!

Thanks for reading!

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