Monday, October 17, 2016

Junk Wood Project: Wood Wallet

I still have plenty of junk wood, so it's time for a new project:  Wood Wallets!

About 2 years ago I made a few wallets (more like card holders) out of 1/4" plywood.  But these wallets do not hold up well to being in someone's back pocket.

So I searched the web for some good ideas, and I found a lot.  The wallets I liked the most seemed to be 2 separate pieces of wood held together with an elastic band.

I drew out a template in Adobe Illustrator...

...and printed it.

The wood I'll use is leftover wood that had already been planed...but I need it to be thinner.

At the time I was making these I did not own a band saw to cut the wood to be thinner, so instead I thinned the wood with my surface planer until it was about 3/8" thick.

Next I cut out my templates and attached them to the pieces of wood using some spray mount.

Then I began cutting out the shapes with my table jigsaw jig.

I smoothed out the edges with my tabletop disc sander...

...then I put all of the pieces in a vice together, and began shaping the edges with files and sandpaper so they would match one another.

To remove the paper and adhesive I used some lacquer thinner.

Before I stain the wood, I wanted to make sure this wallet would hold up well/work once the elastic was added.  So I found a leftover strip of elastic and cut it to size.

I then used a lot of Krazy glue to attach the 2 ends.

Once dry I put it around the wallet.

The elastic keeps the 2 pieces of wood tightly together, while still being able to insert or remove credit cards.

The elastic also holds cards or money on the outside.

I put a total of 8 cards in and it held up fine.  So now I can proceed with...


After the stain was dry I applied some clear coat.

And I'm done!

This is a pretty simple build and took me almost no time at all to make it.

As per my norm, I don't carry a lot of cash, but I did happen to have one dollar bill to fold up and place on the outside.

The elastic is tight enough to hold everything inside, but also loose enough for me to easy pry it open to remove or add cards.

I then made a second wallet shortly after, this time making the notches on the side rounded.

This also turned out quite nicely.

So there you have it!  A simple wood wallet made out of scrap!

Thanks for reading!

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