Monday, November 14, 2016

Coffee Bar / Dog Feeding Station

For quite some time I've wanted a coffee bar in my house, similar to what is pictured above and below.

Unfortunately, the only space I have left in my kitchen for such a thing would mean getting rid of my dog's feeding station.

But I can't do that.  So I went on with life without my coffee bar, until I spotted this gem on Pintrest.

I don't know why I didn't think of making this before, but using the image above as reference I quickly designed a coffee bar with a dog feeder underneath.

Such a build would not take too long, nor much material.

First I bought the material I needed, and then I began cutting the 2x4s to length on my miter saw.

Using a stop block is extremely helpful for multiple pieces of the same length.

Before long I had all the dimensional lumber cut.

I gave everything a decent sanding with some coarse sandpaper on my mouse sander.

Then I began drilling pocket holes using my Kreg Jig.

Next I assembled the short sides with pocket screws.

The sides were too short for me to easily pocket-hole both sides, so I also used some deck screws to hold pieces together.

Before long I had both short sides done.

Then the long sides were attached with more pocket screws.

I then added supports in the middle.  At this point the carcass is mostly done.

So next I moved onto cutting plywood at the table saw.

The top uses half a sheet of 2'x4' plywood.

The bottom shelf will use the other half of plywood, but needs to be trimmed a little first with my cross-cut sled.

Next I used a spare piece of 2x4 to trace out spaces for the legs.

I cut out these spaces with a jigsaw and then sanded.

And the bottom shelf fits perfectly!

Next I removed the bottom shelf and began drawing guides for cutting out the holes for my dog's food and water bowls.

I then drilled a big enough hole inside each circle and cut out the shape with the jig saw.

Then I sanded again.

When I put the shelf back in place I realized I had a problem.

The 2x4's underneath the holes won't let the bowls sit flush.

So before I removed the shelf, I used a marker to show the areas that were blocking the bowl from sitting normally.

My jigsaw blade was too short to cut away this material, so I opted to try using my reciprocating saw.

This wasn't working too well, so instead I removed the 2x4s...

...and instead cut out the material with my table saw/cross-cut sled.

Then I reattached the 2x4s.

Now when I put the shelf back on the bowls sit flush.

Next I cut a 1x4 to be a splash guard or sorts for the bottom shelf.  My dog is a messy eater, so this piece of wood should block little bits of food from falling all over the floor.

I simply screwed this piece to the back, above the bottom shelf.

Next I centered and attached the top to the frame.

Then I gave everything one more sanding with fine sandpaper on my orbital sander.

Once sanding was done I cleaned it all up and removed the shelves.

These I added a dark Jacobean stain to.

For the frame I decided to cook it a bit with my blow torch.

The dark stain shelves and cooked frame is meant to match what was done with my kitchen island.

Once the stain dried and the cooked wood cooled, I coated everything with a few layers of polycrylic.

After each coat dried I gave everything a light sanding followed by some clean up.

Once everything was done I reassembled it all.

Next I used some hooks that I bought at the store...

...and evenly attached them to the front.

And I'm all done!

I let it dry overnight.

The next morning I moved it into the kitchen.

Then I filled it up!

On the top is my Keurig, my many flavored and non-flavored coffee...

...sugar, sweeteners, tea...

The hooks hang 4 coffee mugs...

This is a great looking table which both matches my kitchen island and bar.

..., and the height of the bottom shelf is perfect for my dog (Although at first he was not overly fond of the dangling mugs above his head).

I added the chalk board above the bar for fun.

I'm very happy I finally made this.  It was fast to make and relatively inexpensive.

A few months later someone got us some nice coffee mugs for my girlfriend and my engagement.

  So I built a small shelf to go above the coffee bar.

My fiancee and I are so very happy with this bar.

Thanks for reading!

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