Monday, November 28, 2016

Wall Mantles

Recently I made this nice wall mantle for my living room.

It was fast, easy and cheap to make and has made a big difference in the look to my living room.

This was one of those projects that I felt didn't need to be photographed and put on my blog, as I initially thought it wouldn't be worthy of much views.  However now that the actual mantle is up in my house, I feel a lot of people might actually want to make one for themselves.  So here is how I made it.

1x6x8' pine board
1x4x8' pine board
1x3x8' pine board
Glue, nails, wall screws, pocket hole jig & screws, wood filler, stain (if desired) and polyurethane/clear coat.

The first step is to cut the 1x6 board into 2 pieces of equal length.  In my sketchup illustrations below I cut both boards to 36" (although the actual mantle I made is longer).  I then drilled pocket holes into one of the boards and then attached it to the other board with pocket screws.  These 2 boards shape a big "L" as seen below.

Next I took some of the scrap 1x6 and cut out a curved shelf brace.

I then traced this brace onto more of the scrap 1x6 to create 4 braces.

I glued up 2 sets of the braces to make the thickness of each 1.5".

Then I glued the braces approximately 2 inches from each end.

Next I cut a 1x4 board to 29 inches and glued/nailed it in between the 2 braces and against the top of the mantle.

Then I cut some more 1x4 pieces to be 1.5" long, and glued 2 to the other side of each brace, as pictured below.

Next I cut a 1x3 board, also to 29 inches and attached it with glue/nails underneath the 1x4 board.

I repeated the process for the 2 smaller boards at each end, this time cutting them to be only 1" long.

Next I used a second 29 inch long piece of 1x3 board, this time gluing and nailing it vertically under the first 1x3 board.

This space is great for placing hooks, should you want this mantle to hold things like cards or Christmas stockings, etc.  I also cut out small curves in each corner of the 1x6 in the back.

Lastly I cut a piece of 1x3 board to 29 inches and drilled some pocket holes.  I also cut round corners out of this board and attached it to the rest of the mantle with pocket screws.

And that's it!

Once all the glue was dry I sanded the whole thing, applied filler to the areas that needed it, sanded again, cleaned it up and applied some stain.  After the stain dried, it was onto polyurethane.

When completely dry I attached it to the wall with several screws, making sure it was level and attached to studs in the wall.

With Christmas only a few weeks away, I decided to put our Nativity on the mantle, and hung lighted garland from the hooks.

At the same time as I hung this mantle up, I also finished making a second Wall shelf for my girlfriend's Funko Pop figure collection and hung them up above my bookcases, and on both sides of the mantle. 

Together I now have a very complete looking entertainment center.

This mantle only took me 2 days to make, with a majority of time spent waiting for stain and polyurethane to dry.  The cost was in the range of about $30.

A couple weeks later I decided that the opposite wall in my Living Room could use a few smaller mantles.  So using the same methods (with different sized pieces) I made 3 smaller mantles and hung them up.

2 of these mantles are 2-feet in length, with the third being 3-feet in length.

One of the mantles (3ft) houses the urns of my first 2 dogs (Goliath and J.J. - may they rest in piece).

The other 2 smaller mantles has some assorted candles and other decor.

I'm sure my wonderful girlfriend will redecorate them better than I did.

So four mantles all together.  These turned out a lot nicer than I thought they would.

Thanks for reading!

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