Monday, December 26, 2016

Vanity Table and Shoe Rack for Marissa

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Christmas time is here!
A new friend of mine moved into her new house not too long ago and the book shelf below was left there by the previous owners.

Not wanting it, Marissa gave it to me (thank you!)

This bookshelf was handmade, but from the looks of it, has been falling apart for some time.

Marissa also needs some new furniture for her new house, so I thought I'd make something more useful to her using the wood from the bookshelf.  So I began taking it apart.

Once deconstructed, I noticed that the wood had previously been used for something else as evident from the many dadoes that were filled in.

In fact, every piece of wood from the former bookshelf had multiple dadoes and rabbets cut out of it, and filled with wood, glue and nails.  Using this wood may be difficult.

So I went about cutting this wood into some more useful (and straight) pieces.

Cutting the wood on the miter saw and table saw was a little problematic since there were so many small nails here and there. 

Once all the wood was cut and straightened (to the best of my ability) I began drilling pocket holes...

...and combined some of the boards with pocket screws.

Next I tried leveling the joints with my sander.   I couldn't use the surface planer on this wood, as all the nails would definitely chip the blades.  I even tried using one of my block planes to level the wood, but it did snag a nail and chip the blade.

Luckily this Christmas I got a new benchtop grinder, so I'll be able to fix that blade.

With all the wood as flat and level as I could get it, I began drawing curves on some of the pieces.

These curves were eventually cut out and sanded.

Once one panel was done, I used it as a template to cut out the other pieces using a trim bit on my handheld router.

I eventually assembled 3 of the sides and attached them to 2 boards that made up a top.

Although the sides look well enough at this stage, this table was simply not much to my liking.  Of course it needs more supports and trim not to mention a paint job.  But I really wasn't "feeling" this small table.

So I disassembled it all.  I'll use this wood for something else in the future.

Now was it necessary for me to show you all of that?  Probably not.  But someday I'll make something out of that wood, and all this is a good introduction to that future build.

So I started from scratch with a new build and made plans for a simple vanity table.

This vanity is very similar to my original computer desk builds (seen below).

These desks are primarily made out of 2x4s and a little plywood.

So I went and bought the wood needed: a few 2x4s, a few extra wood boards and a sheet of .75" plywood (for the top).

Since I've described how to make these desks before in my previous blog entries, I won't go into the entire build again.  But you can check out those builds by clicking below.

Like those other desks, this one was mostly cut to size at the miter saw...

...and joined using pocket holes...

...and pocket screws.

This table differs than the others however as I used a Roman Ogee bit on my router table to give all the edges decorative sides.

Like all the old desks, this desk has 3 legs (one for the left side of the table and 2 on the right that make up some drawers and storage.  Thin plywood was used to cover the sides, and thicker plywood made up the top.  There's trim all along the sides of the top and a shelf was made using leftover plywood, 2x4s and trim.

Marissa likes the worn, white furniture look, so I pained the whole thing with white paint and a roller.

Like one of my desk revises, this vanity has pull-out drawers.

The shelf that sits on the top also is removable.  This view also shows that the side trim was routed with the same bit to give the top and sides of the whole vanity the same decorative edging.

When all the paint was dry I began sanding the whole table with various grits of sandpaper to make it look worn.

All-in-all it's a great looking vanity.

But that's not it!  I frequently look on Craigslist on the FOR SALE section to see if anyone is selling anything useful.  Someone was giving away this Oak wood shelving unit.

Figuring it would make a nice shoe rack, I picked it up and added paint to it.  Since it already had a finish on it, regular paint did not roll on too well, so I used some flat white spray paint which did the trick.  When the paint dried I was able to distress the shoe rack like I did the vanity.

And there you have it!  A vanity and shoe rack! 

I only finished this project a few days ago and Marissa has yet to see it in person.  But hopefully when she picks it up and sets it all up in her new house, she'll send pictures for me to display.  While I waited I went back to that old bookshelf...

I stacked the pieces I made on top of each other, added shelves and trim...

...and painted it green.

Now I have a tall, green cubby/shelving unit.

Now it helps organize clothes in my closet.

And on that note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Update:  Marissa picked up her vanity, set it up and sent me this nice pic.