Monday, March 13, 2017

Medium Barrel Build #2

A few months ago I was asked by one of my future cousins to make her a money box for her wedding.  Above is the box I made for her, and I'm glad her and her fiancee like it.

Then her sister, who is also getting married this year wanted a money box for her wedding, only she wanted her box to be a barrel.  So I made the one pictured above.

At the time I wasn't sure if I could build a nice barrel out of wood, so I first sought to build it out of cardboard, like many I've seen on Pinterest.

I made my cardboard barrel a bit nicer than the ones seen above, but a simple cardboard barrel will not do for someone's wedding.

So I coated the barrel with some fiberglass and resin.  I had intentions to coat this barrel with Bondo and paint it up to look like wood but I wound up making a second barrel out of wood, which turned out to be the barrel for my other future cousins.

So that barrel was put aside for a while, but now I want to finish it.  So I used my multipurpose tool and began cutting away parts of fiberglass that were sticking out too much.

Then I cleaned up and began layering some Bondo onto the sides, top...

...and bottom.

Since barrel slats run vertically on a barrel, this was the direction I applied the Bondo on the sides.  Once the Bondo hardened I sanded the whole thing to make it smoother.  This will make it easier to apply more, smoother layers of Bondo.

The next layers of Bondo went horizontally around the barrel.  Extra Bondo was added around most of the middle to help even out the shape a little.

When the Bondo hardened I sanded once more.

Then I added more Bondo, once again running vertically up and down the barrel, followed by some more sanding.

As you can see below my barrel is a bit uneven in the middle...

...and on the top.

So I clamped the barrel to my bench as best as I could so I can use my very aggressive sander.

This is really a polisher, but when you attach sandpaper to it, it's very, very fast.

One clamp alone wouldn't hold it in place, so I used a cord to help hold it down while I sanded.

The cord worked and I sanded the area sticking out on the side...a little too much.

But the shape does look a little better now.

Now to deal with the top.  I screwed a board to the bottom of the barrel.

The board allowed me to hold the barrel in place upright with clamps.

Then I sanded the top to be even.  This unfortunately removed almost all of the Bondo and fiberglass that was once there.

But all in all I am much happier with the shape of the barrel.

Next I applied (hopefully) the last application of Bondo to smooth out the top and the areas on the sides that needed it.

Then one last sanding.

Next I decided to carve my fiancee and my initials into the side.  I drew it on with pencil.

Then I used my dremel with an engraving bit... dig out the shape .

Next I used a sharp knife... make it look more like a carving in wood.

Then I used a damp rag to clean the whole barrel.

Now it's time to make this look more like a wood barrel.  I started painting on light brown acrylic paint with a foam brush.

I made sure to paint vertically since that's usually the direction the wood grain goes on a barrel.

Next I streaked on some darker browns with a dry chip brush.

Then I went back and forth between light and dark brown to fill the barrel with a wood-like texture.

When the browns had dried I added a light color to the etching with a finer brush.

I then wiped the excess off with a rag and dry-brushed on a little more paint around it.

Next I used black spray paint and misted a border around the top, bottom and middle.  This is where the rings will go later on.

Once dry I flipped the barrel over and painted the bottom black.

When that dried I sprayed on some clear coat.  The image is a little blurry (sorry) and it looks glossy, but I actually used matte clear coat.

While that dried I cut some strips of thin crafting foam.  I would have liked to use black foam, but all I had on hand was white.

So then I had to spray paint the foam with the leftover black spray paint I had.

When the black strips were dry I began attaching them onto the barrel with Elmers (PVA) glue.  The reason I used PVA glue is simple - I had run out of epoxy, hot glue and crazy glue and I had hopes that PVA glue would work.

While the glue dried I prepped a lot of blue tape on my work table and taped the glued strips in place.

It took a little while to do, but eventually 3 rings were glued to the barrel and let to dry for a few hours.

When I removed the tape I discovered that the PVA glue only partially held the strips in place.  Some edges came undone and a lot of the glue was still wet.

For my other barrel build I used furniture tacks to hold the foam in place, but like most of my glues, I had also run out of tacks.  So I used my staple gun to hold the foam in place.

It doesn't look horrible, but not what I wanted.

So I grabbed some black acrylic paint and painted over the staples.  The paint won't hid the texture of the staples, but will hide the color.

Then I streaked on a little silver paint to make the 3 rings look a bit more metallic.

Once all the paint dried it was onto its final application of matte clear coat.

When it dried, I cut a piece of foam floor mat...

...and put it inside against the center support.  This will allow light-weighing items to sit inside of it, like...

Plastic flowers!

With everything done, I moved the barrel of flowers into a corner of the living room.

Now everyone can see this nice little barrel...

...and what's etched on it.

This was a fun build.

I love making little gifts like this for my honey.  It's the least I can do.  After all, she puts up with me being in my workshop for hours every day.  

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