Monday, September 11, 2017

Penguin Stand Ups

For a year or two I've had these cool looking cut-out penguins on my pinterest board.

I've always meant to buy them or try to make them, but have had a million other projects I'm always working on.  Fortunately this Christmas someone got my fiancee a set of 4 small penguin stand ups.

These things are made up of 2 pieces of thin plywood, silhouettes of the penguins from the side and front/back.

These things are only about 1.5 inches tall, so I think I want to make them a little bigger, and perhaps work them into my upcoming wedding.  So I scanned all sides of the penguins.

I also have a lot of 5" x 7" pieces of .25" thick plywood, spray painted white, from a project that never came to fruition.  I think I'll use them for these penguins.

Using the scanned image as a template I made new silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator.

 Then I sized them up and printed them out to use as templates.

Next I took the templates and applied spray adhesive them and attached them to the pieces of plywood.

Then I cut them out on the band saw.

The first penguin is a success.

I removed the template and began sanding the edges of both pieces.

Then I used the 2 cut pieces as templates and traced the shape on all the other pieces of plywood.

This didn't take much time despite the amount of plywood I had set aside for this...

...However, cutting them all out on the band saw did take some time.

So I did this slowly, in between other projects I was working on.

Later that day I cut out a few more.

Then a few days later I cut out even more.

When I was finally done I had 12 large penguins, and 3 small penguins - a total of 15.

Now it was time to smooth the cut sides.  For this I used a small drum sander on my drill press.

I also used a little sandpaper to get the edges soft to the touch.  Then I cleaned them up and gave them a fresh coat of white spray paint.

After letting them dry for a day I began painting on the black.  Spray paint would have been easier, but I opted to slowly paint it by hand.

This I also did during my spare time, painting a few of them at a time...

...then letting them dry for a day or two before working on some more.

After a couple days I got around to painting all sides of all 15 penguins.

Then they were bought back into the workshop where they received a light sanding to make them look a little worn.

Finally, I sprayed on some satin clear coat, starting with one side, letting it dry fully and then spraying the other side.

And at last my penguin army is complete!

When my wedding rolled around, I decorated most of the tables with these penguins.

My wedding was a blast, and my wife loved having her favorite animal present.

In retrospect, I should have given all the penguins bow ties, but that's okay.  It was a fun project and several people decided to take some penguins home with them as party favors.

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