Friday, November 3, 2017

Sharing (or Lack Thereof)

Hello readers of my blog.
When I create things - I am happy to share my files with others....usually.
My Killjoy ray gun is a template that people ask me for on an almost weekly basis.

I often get tired of sending this file, especially when people don't even reply with a 'Thank You'.
Another file people constantly ask me for is my version of Evil Ted's helmet templates.

And also my scales template for my Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs.

And more recently I've even shared my 3D print files for my X-Wing miniatures.

And even wood working plans.

I like to share because others have shared with me, and helped me along with my many creations.  Several years ago I was obsessed with making pepakura helmets.

I've made a lot of Iron Men.  I've also made a lot of X-Wing pilot helmets.

A few Y-Wing Helmets.

And various others.

And I even made a few in more recent years.

I found most of these templates by becoming a member of the, and talking with people who created these wonderful files.  Other files that I didn't find on the rpf, were found by simply doing internet searches.  Sometimes these searches were extensive, but it was worth it when I found what I was looking for - This Biker Scout helmet took forever to find.

For some time now people keep asking me to share these pepakura helmet files - which I did not create.  For a while I would email my friends on and ask if it was okay for me to distribute their creations.  After a while, they began getting annoyed.  After all, I was - in a sense - taking away their chance to interact with the people, and even causing them to lose business.  I was taking all the credit, and I had nothing to do with the original files.  My friends on the rpf simply said no.

And so, I must say to all of you who keep asking me to share their artwork - NO.
I'm not trying to be a dick, but I must respect the wishes of the original authors of these files.

There are many great sites out there devoted to making prop helmets.  2 big sites that I frequent are:
Also youtube is a great source for finding the files and learning how to use them.  Authors of youtube videos usually have links in the video descriptions.  For anyone interested in making pep helmets and props, and would like to download the pep files please visit the sites listed above.  If you have overall questions on how to make the helmets after you got those files I would be happy to help where I can.

Again, sorry if this upsets anyone.

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