Monday, April 9, 2018

Re-purposed Dresser Found on Curb

I love it when people throw out perfectly good wood furniture.  This dresser was on the curb down the block from my house.  It's missing one drawer pull...

...but luckily there was another random drawer on the curb that had 2 similar drawer pulls I could use.

So I took the 2 drawer pulls from the drawer above and put them in the top drawer of the dresser.  Than I took one of the pulls I removed from the top drawer and put it on the drawer that was missing a pull.

I had envisioned buying some furniture stripper and removing the finish from this dresser, and then refinishing it like the super nice dresser I found and restored about a year ago.
(Before and after image below).

I was sure I could restore this dresser to be super nice, but sadly I don't need another dresser in my house.  But I do have an idea what I can use this dresser for.

About a year ago, give or take, I began remaking all my work benches.

The benches are nice and strong, but they take up too much room.  And I wind up piling junk all over them.

And my main workbench - which I do almost all my work on - has a new solid wood top I put on it a few months back.  But I actually don't like it very much.  I find that I prefer using plywood on the top, as it's much flatter.

So I think it's time for me to break down some of my workbenches, make small tool carts for the few power tools that need a work surface (such as my drill press and belt sander), and find space for all my junk.  That's where this dresser will come in handy.  But all the carts and benches in my garage workshop have wheels on the back for easy movement around.  So I need to put some casters on the bottom of this dresser.

Unfortunately there's not a lot of surface area for me to attach casters to the bottom of this dresser.

So I will have to make some supports.  To do this I will use some 2x4s that were once the feet of one of my drawing tables that I disassembled.  These 2x4's were glued and screwed together, but the screws have been removed.

In order to make these supports fit I needed to trim them a bit on the miter saw.

I'll have to do mare to make it fit properly.  The back of the dresser and the stretcher on the bottom are at different heights.

Also there is a block in the front corners for support.

To remove the pieces from my new support pieces, I'll use my table saw and sled.

I first started my measuring the block on the front of the dresser and adjusting the height of the saw blade on my table saw.

Then I cut out the piece... fit around the block.

Next I marked where the stretcher and back are located...

...and began removing the material on the saw sled.  A dado blade would have been much faster, but my standard blade does well enough and doesn't take too much time to cut away all the material.

The result is a piece of wood that is supported on the back, middle, front and one side.

I traced the cut areas onto the other piece of wood for the other side of the dresser...

...and repeated the process to give me 2 strong supports.

Next I screwed the supports onto the dresser.

I was going to use these cheap plastic casters in the bottom, but I would need to drill a hole that was 17/32" for each one - and I don't have a 17/32" drill bit.

So I screwed on 2 rotating casters and 2 fixed casters since that was all I had left on hand.

But they work nicely and the dresser rolls!

This dresser is too tall to use as a tool cart for any of my power tools, so on the top I'll just have one of my tool boxes that holds all my various screws, nuts and bolts.

The top drawer holds all my regularly-used safety equipment, such as gloves, safety goggles and breathing masks.

All the other drawers will most likely be reorganized later, but for the time being I put most of my drill bits in the second drawer.

Third drawer - some flashlights, rope and my Bluetooth speaker and iPod.

Fourth drawer - just some random crap for now.

Bottom drawer has my less-often used safety equipment like knee pads and a full face guard.  It also had garbage bags for now.

I popped this dresser in the corner where it's pretty out of the way.  I like this corner near the entry of my house to stay relatively clean, that way I don't track too much dust into the house.

So good news - I have a new tool storage "cart"...

...bad news - this started the process of taking apart all my workbenches.

Of course this isn't totally bad news.  I'll start right away on making smaller carts for my power tools and probably a new primary workbench.  Yay!

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