Monday, May 7, 2018

Workshop Renovation: One more Shelf, for helmets

My recent workshop renovation left me with a lot of leftover cleats...

...and leftover pieces from my old shelves.

And the lack of shelves in my garage has left my helmet collection taking up space in both my workshop and my office.

So I was thinking of making a new shelf in this area of my workshop for my helmets.

I planned on having all of this in my last entry, 

I laid out several of the french cleats on my workbench.

Since all these cleats were cut at a 45-degree angle, I should be able to glue and clamp the mitered edges to make a square board again.

So I tried it with one board...

...and then two boards...

...and then three boards.

Then I ran out of clamps.

So I decided for the fourth board I would glue and nail them together.

This method worked but I regretted it as soon as I did it.  With nails embedded in this board I won't be able to run this though the surface planer.  I marked this board so I knew not to use it in the planer, but may still be of use later.

I left the boards to dry for several hours and I did other tasks during the day.  In the evening I removed the clamps and the boards look good.

Next I need to join them to make a shelf.  To do this I'm going to use my plate joiner.

The plate joiner makes semi-circular holes in the side of the wood...

...which fit these biscuits.

The biscuits and glue help hold the boards together.

I dry-fitted 2 boards with the biscuits to make sure everything lined up.

Then I added glue to two of the boards...

...and clamped them together.  I also clamped on 2 scrap pieces of wood on the tops of each end to keep the glued boards flat.

While the first 2 boards dried I thought I'd work on the supports for the shelf.  I figured I'd use 2 sides from my old shelve I disassembled.

I trimmed the pieces on the table saw...

...but one of the pieces broke.

These were the only 2 matching boards I had, so I decided to simply use 2 other shelf supports from another previous shelf.  These supports were stained and won't match the new boards - unless I stain them as well.

When the glue-up for the first 2 boards was dry, I added on the third board with more biscuits and clamps and let those dry as well.

When that dried I removed the clamps...

...and ran it through the surface planer to level out the surface.

Next I trimmed both ends square on the table saw.

Now it was time to work with that other board I glued and nailed together.  I sanded this one smooth since the brad nails inside would chip the blades in my surface planer.

Then I trimmed the edges on the miter saw.

This piece will connect the 2 supports and the shelf.

Since I had my sander out, I decided to sand the ends to get them to better match the rest of the shelf.

Then I drilled holes and screwed the back to the ends...

...and then the shelf.

And it's not too bad.

But I still have a few more long cleats to use...

So I decided to glue some of them up.  This time instead of making a wider board, I glued the cleats to make an L shape.

Then I nailed some brads to hold it in place and clamped it until the glue set.

Once the glue was dry I attached the bottom shelf with screws.

Then I attached it to the wall, making sure it was level and screwed into the studs.

And I think this one is done.

Helmets in place!

Most of my remaining helmets fit on all the shelves in my workshop.

And one shelf has bowling pins.

It's not the nicest shelf I ever built, but it cost me nothing to make.
With this shelf up, I don't want anything else on my walls!  I still have much to do in my workshop, but I can start taking my time doing those other things now that I have space to work.

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