Monday, June 18, 2018

Drill Press and Sanding Carts

Lately I've been going crazy making new workshop carts out of melamine for my power tools.  It all started with a combination table saw / Router table...

...which eventually was reworked into 2 carts: a new router table...

...and band saw / storage cart.

I also made a small cart for my new table saw...

...and a new cart for my miter saw.

The only other regularly-used power tool I have without a new cart is my drill press.  Right now it's on the cart I had originally made for it, but I don't really love this cart.

So I thought I'd make one more cart for my drill press.  This will also be made out of melamine to match everything else.

I have some leftover melamine which I cut to make the shelves...

...but I will need to buy one more sheet of melamine.  I only need melamine for the sides and top/bottom but the cost for a full 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of melamine is cheaper than buying three 2-foot by 4-foot sheets.  So I'll buy the cheaper, larger sheet and have a lot of melamine left over.

With the extra melamine I'll perhaps make another smaller cart - maybe a tall one to hold my bench grinder or a short one to hold my surface planer.

So I went out and bought (hopefully) the last sheet of melamine.

I also got a few extra 1x2 wood for the trim.

Since this cart will be very similar to the others, I'll hurry this a long.  I marked where to cut each piece...

...and cut it with the circular saw.

After all the pieces were cut I began assembly, first by connecting the top and bottom to the sides.

Then I cut some spacer blocks to rest each shelf on while I screwed it in place.

I repeated the process until all the shelves were attached.

Next I added casters to the bottom...

...and began cutting the trim on the miter saw.

Then each piece of trim was glued/nailed in place.

Then I attached a 1/8" thick piece of hardboard to the back with glue and screws.

And in about 2 hours I had my new drill press cart.

But I still need drawers.   That will come later.  Next I used the leftover material... build another cart.  Unfortunately this cart will only have 2 drawers, but it has some larger storage space underneath.  I also need to add a back to this cart, but that too will come later. 

With 2 carts done this particular day, I left the rest for the next day.  The next morning I found a scrap piece of melamine big enough to be another shelf on the second cart.

So I cut it to size and attached it along with some more trim.

I also used my last piece of hardboard for the back of this cart.  Attached with glue and screws.

And I decided that this will be a cart for my combination disc / belt sander.  I use the sander more than my bench grinder, so I thought it would be better on it's own cart.  All the (future) drawers will also be a great place to keep all my sand papers and other sanding needs.

Now it was time to start on the drawers. Instead of buying new material for the drawers, I'm going to try and use some leftover wood for the sides of each drawer.

I cut the scrap wood for the drawers on the table saw...

...and the miter saw.

I had almost enough material, but I was definitely lacking bottoms for each drawers.  I also didn't much like the selection of wood I currently have for drawer fronts, so I had to go out and buy some more stuff, namely more hardboard and some MDF.

I cut the hardboard to size on the table saw.

The thin hardboard will be the bottoms of each drawer.

Next I began gluing and nailing the scrap wood I cut earlier to make each drawer, and then glued and nailed the bottoms in place.

Since all the drawers are simply butt-jointed together, making all the drawers didn't take too long.  They don't look too pretty right now since all the wood on the drawers don't match... the next step was to cut the MDF drawer fronts on the table saw.

I numbered each front with each drawer since the 2 carts have different size drawers.

Next I gave each front a rounded edge on the router table...

...and then attached all the fronts to the drawers.

And the carts are almost complete.  I needed to figure out what to do for drawer pulls.

I rummaged through my junk.  I don't have enough of the same pulls or knobs for all the drawers on the 2 carts, so each cart will have similar looking pulls - the drill press cart will have silver pulls (and a knob) and the sanding cart will have 3 brass pulls.

I'm not overly satisfied that neither of the carts will have matching knobs, but at the time it was preferable to buying a whole bunch of new knobs.

But once they were all in place they didn't look too bad.


The last thing I did was drill a hole on the side of the drill press cart...

...for me to keep the drill chuck key.

And with that done I think I'm finished with these 2 new carts.

Both turned out pretty nicely.

And they match all the other new carts in my workshop.

The last thing I did was fill up the drawers.  The top drawer of my sanding cart holds all my various sandpapers.

The second drawer holds my safety gloves, masks and eye wear.

The third drawer at the moment has a few clamps, some steel wool and various templates I use from time to time.

There's no bottom drawer yet.  I simply didn't have enough material to build one.  So for the time being I have trash bags and some empty boxes in that space.

On the drill press cart, the first drawer is shallow, so it holds my blue tooth speaker, iPod, cables, business cards and my incense (which I use to clear up the air when spray painting or staining stuff).

The second and third drawers have various drill bits...

...sanding drums and other drill-related stuff.

The fourth and fifth drawers hold some of my paint brushes...

...paint trays and saran wrap.

The cool thing about these carts is that they are small enough to fit anywhere in my workshop.  For now I placed the drill press cart between the miter saw cart and the band saw cart.

The sanding cart is still next to the router table.  

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my old carts.  They are still useful of course, but I'm liking my new carts better.  Plus the dark sfinish on the old carts really show off all the dust that's on them.  The new white carts don't.

I would like to say that I hope these are the last carts that I need to make, but you never know.  I may just make a few more  since they're pretty nice and inexpensive to make.

UPDATE:  I did eventually find enough scrap to make a bottom drawer for the sanding cart...

However, this drawer is not as long as the others, and the drawer front I made from leftover melamine and scrap wood definitely doesn't match well.

This drawer did okay for a while but the look of the drawer front really irked me.  So I went out and bought enough material to make the last drawer to full size and with a matching front.

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