Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bowling Rig

Anyone who knows me knows that I love bowling.
So much so, that one day I invented "Deck Bowling".
Deck Bowling is pretty much regular bowling except it's played on a back yard deck.
Instead of using a bowling ball, you use Bocce balls.
Above is a picture of actual Deck Bowling.

Throughout the long months that I lived in that house, I made variations to the deck bowling lane.

In the above 2 photos you'll notice a wood backer, plus a carpet on the deck railings.
These were added because my friends and I were kind of knocking the railings out.
Since we were renting the house, we had to take better care of things, so I eventually bought miniature pins.

The next horrible thing to go wrong was that I was getting tired of bending over and picking up the smaller pins.  So then I hit the computer and tried to devise a rig for resetting pins.

For your amusement, here are some of my concepts.

Sadly, my friends and I moved out of that house.  Presently, I have no deck - or back yard.  So Deck Bowling will have to wait.  But I still try to hit up the bowling alleys now and then, and I feel I do good - cos I have....

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