Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heroclix City

My friend John has been building a city for his Heroclix figures.
I decided his city needed a bridge.

I do not have many photos of the creation of the bridge.
But I do have  a few photos when we briefly set it up.

One day soon we'll have a full scale heroclix game with all the buildings, grounds and bridge.
I'll be taking more photos then.

I'm now beginning to work on some streets and side walks for his layout.
Below are images of the digital files I've made so far.

I put them all together and here's my first layout - digitally.
The actual layout is 50" wide by 50" it's pretty big.
Took about 35 minutes to print it. Fifteen12x18 sheets.
My next step will be to mount it to a few pieces of masonite.
Once that is dried, I will reprint the sidewalks, and mount them to cardboard and then glue them over the existing sidewalks to give it some 3-dimensionality. 

So, after speaking with my friend John about the map, it was decided that some changes were needed.
I totally revamped my files and made it even better.
Here is an image of the latest map.

Realistic Buildings.
I was telling my friend John that he can add more realism to his buildings if he perhaps cut away some of the windows in his buildings, and then added thin paper and a flash light to illuminate the windows.
Below is an example I quickly made to show how it looks.
First I cut out a part of a building and then cut out some of the windows.

Then I placed a piece of parchment paper behind and turned on a flash light.

Pretty cool looking.  It will look a lot better once the whole building is put together and light can't escape anywhere else.   

So, the above 2 photos show the building complete, with the flash from my cell phone on and inside.
Believe it or not, the lights were off in the area in which I shot this, but the digital camera I was using adjusted for the low light.  

Below are images of the city with the new map, and several new buildings.

Pretty cool stuff!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this build John!
It's been fun!

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