Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harry Potter-style Magic Wand

I have to honestly say that when I started watching the Harry Potter films years ago, I wanted a magic wand.  Of course they do sell magic wands - even ones that light up, but the quality of them do not look too great to me.  So, for fun I decided to make a wand of my own.

The best thing I could think of to make the wand was a stick.  I looked at a few sticks around my neighborhood but didn't find any straight ones.  I could use a thick piece of wood, but I do not have the tools to cut it down and shape it too well.  Next I thought of using a dowel and sanding it to a soft point when it came to me to use a paint brush handle.

So I found a used paintbrush that I could easily let go of.

I cut off the bristles and used some sandpaper to sand off the dried up paint that was on the handle.

Then I decided to make the handle part of the wand out of Apoxie Clay.  This stuff will be beyond better than using regular air drying clay.

I mixed the 2 parts of Apoxie Clay and formed a ball which I wrapped around the brush handle.

I decided to give my wand a handle similar to Harry's (see image below) - looking more organic like it was carved from a tree branch.

But I do not want the wand to look exactly like Harry's.  So I formed the clay so it would fit my hand as seen below.

The texture from the gloves I was wearing left an interesting texture.

So I used a clay sculpting blade and drew in more lines to continue the look.

Once I was done I needed to let it dry - but I didn't have anything it could rest on without deforming it.  So I grabbed some Gorilla tape and taped it to my desk, letting it hang to dry.

While that was drying I decided to quickly make another one.
So once again I found an old paintbrush that had seen better days and cleaned it up.

Using the same Apoxie Clay, I modeled a handle.  This time I made a thin piece of clay spiral up the wand.

And then taped it to the desk to dry.

It hardened nicely.

Using some wood filler, I filled in the areas around the spiral to give it a smooth transition to the wand.

Next I did some sanding and then applied some watered down wood filler.

Once it dried I sanded it smooth and began etching lines in the handle with an xacto knife.

Liking how the lines looked, I added more to the handle and then sanded over them with some fine sandpaper.

Then I cleaned up the wands and spray painted them brown.

These guys are almost done!

Next, I took some black shoe polish, or shoe stainer and started to cover the wands with it.

Below we see one wand with shoe stain and one with out.

Below both wands are stained and looking great.

The stain definitely gave the wands more texture and a look of being used a lot.
However, the wands are still very shiny from the glossy spray paint.  So the final step will be to apply some mat coat spray enamel.

I'm sure there are tons of ways you could make these wands even better.  Perhaps some gold highlights or a jewel here or there...but I like them.  And they are definitely not hard to make.
And there you have it!  Thanks for reading!


  1. These are amazing! We bought some at Universal Studios a year ago.....yours look way better! :)