Monday, September 17, 2012

Clone Trooper Helmet (ROTS)

Clone troopers are definitely cool, as they look similar to the wonderful storm troopers we all know and love from the original trilogy.  Their downside - they were all computer generated, and no actual uniforms were made.  I am more of a fan of the clone helmets from 'Revenge of the Sith' as they are a perfect mix between the clones from 'Attack of the Clones' and the original Star Wars Trilogy.  So I am going to make a ROTS Clone Helmet

The First step is to cut out and assemble to pep file.
Below are my first attempt at making this helmet I used card stock and fiber glass & Resin.

I attempted to make this first helmet something I could use in my vacuum former and eventual cut it up into sections. 

Eventually that helmet was scrapped and I began work on another one.
My second Clone Trooper helmet was definitely an improvement.

This time I made the helmet out of cardboard instead of card stock.  It was definitely more difficult to make out of cardboard but it will hold the plaster wrap better.

Unfortunately I lost a few photos of a few steps - but essentially I just added plaster wrap to the interior of the helmet.  I wanted the exterior to keep a lot of it's angles, so that is why the plaster was applied to the insides only.  Next I added filler to smooth out the dome and the front of the face plate.

Then I glued on the 'mohawk'...

And the circular dome onto the back of the helmet.

And then covered both with plaster wrap.

When the plaster dried I applied wood filler.

Then I gave the helmet a good sanding.

Now it's ready for it's first coat of primer.

Next, I started using wood filler to smooth out some parts of the helmet.

The primer did good work coating and filling in small holes, but there is still a lot of work to do on this helmet. So next step involved filling and shaping the helmet more with filler.

Followed by more sanding.

The shape of the helmet still needed a lot of work and a lot more wood filler, so that is what came next.

After a lot of sanding this helmet now needs a fresh coat of primer.

I started off with some light gray primer.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I try to get spray paint as many helmets I can in a day.  So below we see the Clone helmet drying with an Iron Man (version 2), Tie Pilot, and my horned Boba Fett helmets.

After the first coat of primer was dry, I added a second coat, this time using red primer.

This time we have a Dragon Egg drying with the other helmets.

Since this was the first nice Saturday in a while - good for spray painting and priming, I decided to give the inside a coating of black spray paint.  

And everything was left out to dry.

When the primer dried I started adding some clay to the areas that needed a little work.

When the clay dried, I sanded everything smooth.

Next I added some clay to the bottom/front of the helmet so that the slope of the helmet was even.

Then the helmet got more wood filler.

And then a good sanding.

While at a hardware store I picked up the 2 'mics'.  Like the stormtrooper helmet, I opted to use 2 faucet caps.  

I know I'm not quite up to that stage yet, but I saw them and got them. 

Anyway...back to priming....

The first coats were light gray.

The second coats were dark gray.

The helmet is really starting to smooth out now.
There is still a lot to do, but I am pleased how it's coming along.

When the primer dried I went about adding more wood filler to continue shaping the piece.

While that was drying I did some research on Clone Helmet designs.

There are a bunch of designs and colors.  I don't think I'll use one of these designs for my helmet, but I may use elements from more than one...

Above is a picture I made showing a possible color design I might use.  I know I have purple in my arsenal of spray paints, and it almost never gets used, so I may end up making a purple helmet.  I also added a grime texture to the photo above since pretty much all the helmets I have created have been made to look scratched, worn, weathered and banged up.  Why should this helmet be any different?

Next I decided it was time to cut out the visor area.

Once is was cut out I started to work on the edges with wood filler.  This did not work out too well, so I will have to use some Apoxy Clay.  But I used wood filler to further define the bottom sides of the helmet.

At this point I was beginning to feel like the helmet was too large and thus looked at some reference photos which shows the clone trooper helmet from ROTS the same height and width as the clone trooper helmet from AOTC.

My episode 3 helmet is much taller than my episode 2 helmet.

But strangely the widths are ok.

And the clone helmet looks especially big next to the stormtrooper helmet.

There were also other things that looked wrong, like the ears and the band that went around the helmet, so I grabbed my saw and did some cutting...

Now the height looks correct.

...but it needs to go back together.

I used some cardboard and foam to get the 2 halves back together.  It's not pretty now, but it should be once I begin filling in the missing spaces.  It may not look like it, but I did successfully shave off about an inch and a half from the height, making it closer to the correct size this helmet should be.

It looks like hell right now.  Hopefully I can restore this one.  I'd hate to start from scratch.....again.

And after even more restoration the helmet looked like this:

I remade the brow line that goes around the whole helmet as well as the ear areas.  But sadly this helmet has taken a beating, and before I do anymore to it I have to make it stronger again.

To start I relined the insides with plaster wrap.

Then some wood filler.

Sanding this turned out to be extremely troublesome.

After a little clean up I painted the helmet black to help me find the areas that need work.

And when it dried, I glued on a better ring around the helmet using thick black construction foam.

And then used some wood filler to fill in some gaps from the new ring, plus a few areas that needed touch up.

After some sanding, I covered up the wood filler with black paint.

So at this point I have been working on this helmet on-and-off for about 15 months.  I'm getting a little tired of working on it - mostly because it was never the correct scale to begin with.  My changes make it closer to correct scale - but it's still a bit big.  So I want to finish it off now.  To finish it off I added the circular shape on the back....

...the 'mouth'....

...the 'teeth'....

and added the faucet covers.

And then I gave the whole helmet it's first coat of white paint.

The first coat was streaky, so subsequent coats were added.

Here's a few shots of it almost done.

Next, I started adding black to the rim, nose, teeth and some light weathering.

When that dried I started to paint on the purple.

When that dried, I added white and further added to the weathering look.

Then I added more black and silver to continue weathering.

A little more silver and black....

While the paint dried, I cut out the shape for the visor.

Since I no longer had any large pieces of tinted plastic, I had to go outside and spray a new sheet of clear thermoforming plastic with some nite-shades.

When it dried, I used my paper template to cut out the shape on the plastic.

The nose area is a bit messy and can be seen through the plastic visor... I glued in a piece of crafting foam to make it look nicer.

Next I took the helmet outside and gave it a few coats of glossy enamel.

Next I glued in the visor.

And then glued in furniture foam to make it fit correctly and comfortably.

And I am FINALLY done!!!

This has been a very long project.  I started it in the summer of 2011, and today is New Year's Eve 2012.  I didn't work on it every day though, but it still was a long project.  It's definitely not perfect at all, but I do like how it looks now that it is done.  Perhaps one day I'll start a new one that is more to the correct size, but for now I am content with this one.
Thanks for reading!!!


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      I really admire your work and i was wondering if you could please send me the pdf files as you have inspired me.

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  3. Awesome would you be able to send me the template please

    1. Sure, send me your email and I'll send you my file.

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  5. can you send the template to me, as well?

    1. I can not give out the original author's work anymore, but this is where I got it from:

  6. That looks great and I hope I can make one like that too. Is there a way to get instructions, if so that would be great!

    1. If you're looking for the pep file, file the link in the previous comment. For instructions, it's best to go on and look up "How to make a pepakura helmet".