Saturday, November 10, 2012

Helmet Stands

Someone asked me where I get my helmet stands.
I make them on my own.
They are super easy to make and you can easily do it for under $10.

The materials are as follows:

Wood plaque from Michael's Art Store - $2.99 each

Small round wood plaque from Michaels - $.79 each

Wooden furniture leg from Lowes or Home Depot - prices range from around $3 and up each, depending on the style and size.  These furniture legs should have a large screw in one end.
The picture below shows a 6" leg.

You'll also need a drill, some wood screws and a screwdriver.  White or wood glue is good too, but not necessary.

First step is to take the large plaque and mark the center of it.  

To do this I simply measured the half way points of each side and drew lines to connect them.

Then drill the hole for the furniture leg.  I used a 1/4" drill bit to match the '1/4" screw coming out of the furniture leg.

And then I screwed in the leg.  At this point you can also use some glue to strengthen the whole thing.

Next, I drilled a screw on the top of the furniture leg (sorry for the blurry picture).

Once you finish screwing in that screw, remove it and drill it in the center of the smaller round wood plaque.

And then screw the round plaque with the screw in it into the furniture leg.

Tighten it with the screwdriver and you're done.

It's so quick and easy to make that I made 4 in about 10 minutes time.

For larger helmets, I used a larger 12" or 14" leg.
As you can see the style of this leg is different from the ones seen above.

Usually when I finish a helmet I paint the stand to match the helmet some how.

Just remember to go outside and give your painted stands a coating of protective enamel - mostly so that the paint from both the stand and the helmets don't stick to each other.

All in all these stands are nice and strong, and they look pretty good too.

Thanks for reading!

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