Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Blade

I remember seeing a Final Fantasy movie a few years ago and I remember one character had a pretty cool looking sword that had the handle of a gun.

I decided to make something very similar.

To start off, I made an illustration of my gun blade at scale.

And then printed it out.

I cut out the print and used it as a template on a piece of insulation foam.  Then I cut out handle from the foam.

Next I used crafting foam to cover the handle of the gun.

First I did both sides.

Then the tops & bottoms.  I left alone the area where the blade will be glued in.

Next I took thicker crafting foam and made the handle grips.

and then a hammer at the back.

Using a coin roll for Silver Eagle coins as my magazine, I cut out the space in the handle...

...and glued in the 'magazine'.

I added a few pieces of crafting foam here and there to spruce up the look.

Next I used my paper template to trace the blade out of foam core.

I then cut the pieces out and made sure they fit my handle.

I assembled the blade...

...and glued it to the handle.

Then I took some more pieces of crafting foam and added elements that connected the blade to the handle.

Everything you see above I did in about 6 hours.
Below the gun blade sits aside some of my other guns to give you an idea of it's size.

Next I used wood filler to smooth out some edges and cover the ends of the foam core where the styrofoam is showing. 

I then cut out a piece of the tip of the blade to make room for a barrel.

The barrel was the empty Krazy glue bottle.  When the cut away was complete I glued in the bottle/barrel.  I then filled in the surrounding areas with wood filler.

Once it dried and was sanded I gave the whole thing a coating of black acrylic paint.

The paint plus the wood filler should protect the foam from the primer.  Below the giun blade and Link's sword dry after some acrylic painting.

Then it got a coat of primer.

When it dried I filled in a few spots and gave it another coating of paint - this time black acrylic.

When the black dried I started to paint the blade with silver acrylic paint.

The silver paint was extremely streaky and not easy to apply - but it was just the first coat.  The subsequent coats should be better.  Below the Gun blade and Link's sword dry after the first coat of silver.

The second coat looked a lot better.

Next I added some brown paint to the handle.

and some black around the barrel to make it look like it's shot off a few rounds.

Then I took the blade outside to give it some clear protective enamel.

With the temperature outside dropping quickly, I brought it inside to dry at room temperature.

And we're done!

Thanks for reading!!!

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