Saturday, December 15, 2012

Iron Man Version 1

So, you might be thinking to yourself, "why is he calling this helmet 'version 1' when he's already made half a dozen Iron Man helmets already"?  And the answer is simple (at least to me).  The first several Iron Man helmets I made (which can be seen in my old posting "Pepakura Iron Man Helmets") were never completed. 
I started working on a version 2 helmet (seen here) while I still had the first around.  And I do have a version 3 helmet (seen here) - which at the time of this writing is still not complete.  But not physically having my version 1 was bothering me.  So I set out to make a version 1....a new version 1.

In my first Iron Man posting I wanted to make a steam punked version of Iron Man similar to what is seen below.
I think I will attempt to do this again.

To start I used one of my many Iron Man Pepakura files and created the helmet out of thick foam.
There is an extremely talented man over at who makes amazing props out of foam.
Check out his video of making an Iron Man helmet here.

I did the same things as he did, but purposely made my helmet different.

My helmet is a bit more angular.

The top of the helmet is significantly different, as well as the back.  The top of the helmet was made this way purposely, as I plan on making something that pops out of the top of this helmet.

For the 'ears' I was going to use 2 sink drain caps, but for some reason the hardware store closest to me did not have any in stock - which I found weird.  So for the meantime I sealed up the ear area.

Here's a closer shot of the top of my helmet.  I plan on having something nested up there like a....


I know Iron Man doesn't have a machine gun up there, but what the heck!  I'm having fun....but I'll get to the machine gun a little later.  Next I added a few levels to the helmet with some thinner brown foam.

At this point I ran out of hot glue, so I'm done for the day. 
All that you see above was completed in about 5 hours.  And I did this in between tasks at my job, so I would say it took about 3 hours to do.

"Not too shabby." 

Even thought this foam does not dissolve from Spray paint, I decided to give the whole helmet a coating of acrylic paint to better seal the porous foam.

While that dried I made a simple gun out of foam and popsicle sticks.

Then I placed it on top of the helmet to see how it looked.

I'm not sure if I like it on the I tried it on the side.

This I liked better.  It kind of reminded me of the AT-ST walkers from Return of the Jedi.

So perhaps I'll make a second gun for the other side.  But for the top I think I'll add some sort of crazy rocket launcher.

...but first the machine guns.

I took apart my first machine gun and covered it in cardboard to protect it from the aerosols while painting and priming.  I then made a second one.

Next I attached the guns to the side of the helmet using screws and glue.

Next I started to add the rocket launcher to the top of the helmet.

Like the machine guns, the launcher was made of insulation foam covered in cardboard.

Unfortunately I did not like the launcher too much.  It was too big and weighed the helmet down a little, so I scrapped it.  But below are 2 pictures of the helmet with the launcher before I removed it.

So I removed the rocket launcher and just added a simple mohawk to the top.

And then glued it on and painted it.

I also painted the cardboard on the machine guns to seal up the texture of the cardboard.

In the past when I've applied primer to untouched cardboard, the texture was always rough.  Hopefully now that it has been covered with acrylic paint the texture will be ok.

One day the weather was somewhat cooperating so I gave the insides of the helmet a layer of black primer, and the outsides a layer of gray primer.

When the primer dried I painted the outside a light green color.

And then painted the face plate a light gray. 

When the paint dried I attached the machine guns to see how it looked.

Looking good!  Next I took off the guns and started to weather the helmet using black acrylic paint.

Then I started to paint on chips and scratches using silver enamel paint.

My camera can't seem to get the color & brightness quite correct.  The green in all the images are a lot brighter than it actually is.  Below is an image I took using a low light setting and it more closely resembles the color - although it too is a bit unsaturated.  I guess this color is hard to photograph.

Next I painted silver scratches onto the guns.

Then I attached the guns to the helmet.

Then it's time for some matte enamel.

Below Iron Man v1 dries outside with my Uruk-hai, Tie Pilot and Batman helmets.

Once the clear enamel dried I glued on some black visors I made from a clear sheet of thermoforming plastic with Dark Shades sprayed on.

Since this helmet is very light and made of foam and fits well, I didn't need to put any furniture foam inside for comfort or fitting.

And we're done!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this posting!
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Stunning work as ever! (Does your boss read your blog...)

  2. Lets hope not....
    Thanks again Phil!