Sunday, February 24, 2013


A while ago while I was making my Iron Man Version 2 Helmet (seen here), I toyed with the idea of making that helmet with ram horns.

I decided not to do it then, but I feel like making a new "Iron Ram" helmet.  To start, I created an Iron Man helmet out of EVA foam, or foam interlocking floor mats.  The method in which I made this helmet is exactly the same as my Iron Man Version 1 build (seen here).

I then added a little trim to spruce it up.

Next for the horns.  I was originally going to make them out of thick insulation foam...

...but I decided to first try and make them out of some more EVA foam.

The first horn went together pretty well so I glued it onto the helmet.

Then I made a second and glued it on.

Since the horns are still quite flexible, I wrapped them in plaster wrap.

When the plaster dried I was very surprised to find that the horns are unmovable.  I was very happy by this, but the added weight to the horns has made the rest of the helmet too light, so I decided to give the rest of the helmet a layer of plaster wrap.

Surprisingly, the helmet is still extremely light.  I would say approx 2-3 lbs.
Next I gave the whole helmet an application of wood filler.

But I am not going to sand the filler once it dries.  Instead I will paint over it and give it a textured, leathery texture like I did with my Batman Cowl (seen here).

Next I decided to do a trick I once saw on a website.  This involves using some thick yarn.

and wrapping it around the horns.

This took a very long time as I had to apply glue to a segment of the horn first, then wrap the yard, wait for it to dry and then glue the next segment.

After an hour the first horn was complete, so then I started on the second one.

Once both horns were complete I began to paint over the yarn using more black acrylic paint.

Next I gave the horns a coat of white paint.  All these layers will thicken the yarn and smooth out the texture.

Once that dried, back to black.

Once that dried I decided to try out a suggestion I saw on a website which was to use Mod Podge to thicken up the areas on the horns.

So I bought some and tried it out.

I can't seem to tell the difference between Mod Podge and regular white glue - other than 16oz of Mod Podge costs about $8 and a Gallon of white glue costs about $12.  

I decided to coat the whole helmet in that stuff.
When it dried I gave the horns another coating of Mod Podge.

When it was dry I then painted the horns white.  This is the start of the colorization process, not just another layer.

With the white dry, I then added a cream color, more closer in color to actual horns.

While that dried I decided to run to the fabric store to get some fur to the helmet.  I decided against simply painting over the textured wood filler.  Yes, this helmet is going to be furry!

For the main parts of the helmet (The red areas on the actual Iron Man helmet), I went with this brown/tan/cream swirled fur.

The face plate of the helmet (the part that is normally gold on Iron Man's helmet) will be this white fur.

For the eyes, I decided not to use lenses and instead bought a black nylon material.  This material looks black, even close up, but you can see through it.

When the horns dried I used a dry brush to paint on brown in between the ridges on the horns.

Then I used a smalled brush and added a thicker line of brown paint above each ridge.

Then using a sponge brush, I painted a few washes of black and dark brown.

And then finally I went back to my cream color and gave a light coating all over the horns.

Looks great to me!

Then I gave the horns a few coats of mod podge.  Once it dried I used some paper and traced the shapes of the face plate.

I then cut out the white fur using those templates and glued them to the face.

Then I cut out pieces of the other fur and covered the rest of the helmet.

For the ear areas I used more white fur.

And I'm done!

I will admit that this helmet looks very funny, but I still like it.  It was also a lot of fun to make and hopefully you've enjoyed reading.

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  1. I saw this in person and I have got to say it is awesome. I laughed my ass of but the work that went into this - amazing!!!