Sunday, February 24, 2013

Klingon Gun

This is another item from a previous posting of mine (miscellaneous guns 2).  I called this one the Klingon gun, even though it doesn't really look anything like one too much.  Below is what a Klingon Gun should look like.

"It sort of looks like it....but no, not really."

As I has mentioned in my earlier blog, I slapped this together from remaining wood pieces from a kit my Father got for me.

A few months ago I decided to add stuff to it, like some cardboard on the handles....

...a back 'hammer' area....

....a few pencils...

...and some more cardboard.

...but then I left it alone again.
Until now.

Now I added a lot of crafting foam, lollipop sticks and thumb tacks to really spruce up the look.

Now it really doesn't resemble a Klingon least one that we've never seen before.

Next I gave it some primer.

Then I decided to give it a light coat of gold acrylic paint.

After the gold dried I added some black and white paint and made it pop a little.

Then I gave the gun a coating of Mod Podge.

Below the Klingon gun dries next to my Disruptor pistol.

Once it dried I was done.

I definitely am glad that I finished this gun after so many years of it sitting in a box.  I know it doesn't look like an actual Klingon pistol, but it's not a bad looking gun anyway.
Thanks for reading!

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