Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sci-Fi Disruptor Rifle & Pistol

So, one day I was going through my supplies and realized that I had enough scrap material to build something.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted to build at the moment, so I decided to just make a random, futuristic distrupter kind of weapon.

To start off, I created a template of a simple hand held gun.

I decided to use some foam interlocking floor boards (EVA foam) that I used for my Sci-Fi Armor build.

I used the template to trace 2 gun shapes

...and then cut them out

...and glued them together.

Using the rough side of the floor boards, I created grips for both sides of the gun handle.

...and glued them on.

Then I began creating random shapes from the foam boards and glued them on.

Then I started using some of my scrap crafting foam to add more details.

I left the front of this weapon hollow in case I wanted to add a barrel later.

Next I started adding thinner pieces of crafting foam.

And I added a coin tube for the barrel.

Then I added some wood buttons I had laying around.

Then I added strips of thin black crafting foam on the top and bottom to cover the seams.

I also added strips around the grips to make it look nicer.

So far not too bad!

Next I added some screws.

And then gave it it's first coat of black paint.

And then a second coat.

I found this plastic jewel piece which I thought would be great at the end of the barrel as a laser emitter.

So I glued it on.

Using some silver paint I gave a slight weathered look to the piece.

All that's left is to give it some clear enamel, but the weather is currently too cold for that.  So I decided to make a matching pistol.  I used the same pistol template and cut out 2 shapes from the foam.

Then glued them together....

...added the grips...

Then various other shapes that matched what i had made with the rifle.

For the barrel, I used the cap of the coin tube for the emitter.

Then some white thick crafting foam...

...followed by black thin crafting foam.

Next I added the screws and wood buttons.

and then painted it black.

When the black dried I added the silver detailing and weathering.

And then I glued on the crystal emitter.

Now all that is needed is a clear enamel coat on both.

Since the weather is too cold for spray paint enamel, I decided to coat the Disruptors with Mod Podge.

Below the Rifle dries along side the Hand Cannon.

And the Pistol dries next to the Klingon Gun.

Once they were fully dried I was done.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Nice work, Timbo! Hoping you get some warmer weather shortly, you've earned it with all those projects. (It's mid summer here in New Zealand and I'm enjoying being able to spray paint and fibreglass any time of the day.)

    Love your creativity - you seem to pull ideas out of your hat like a magician!

  2. Thanks Phil. It's the middle of winter here. The weather has been gearing up for a blizzard this weekend. I hope the warm weather comes soon so that I can use spray paints once again.

    Thanks again for reading and the compliments!

  3. To start off, I created a template of a simple hand held gun. I decided to use some foam interlocking floor boards (EVA foam) that I used for my ...