Monday, February 18, 2013

The Hand Cannon

So this next creation came about in a weird way.  One day I ran out of Aluminum foil, and when I was throwing away the box I looked at the inner tube and thought to myself "this would make an awesome barrel for a gun".  So I decided to make a revolver using the tube as the barrel.

The rest of the gun will be made out of crafting foam.

Using a pencil I drew a basic shape for the handle and main body.

And then cut it out.

Using that piece I traced another piece out of foam and glued them together.

I cut a notch out of the front so that the barrel could fit it when I'm ready.

I decided I wanted the handle to be thicker so I traced the shape on a third piece of foam and cut it out.

When I glued the third piece on I was much happier.

I took thin green crafting foam and covered the edges for a cleaner look.

Then, using a coin tube for the magazine, I traced the shape onto my handle...

...and cut it out.

Then I glued the tube in place.  Right now this is looking very similar to my Gun Blade, so I'll have to change it up a bit.

I started cutting thick strips of crafting foam and gluing them around the edge of the handle.

Then I added thinner strips to add more levels.

Next I added strips to the top and to the back of the magazine.

and then I finally glued in the barrel.

I added pieces of foam in between the barrel and the magazine to keep the barrel more stationary. 

Then using more thick foam, I added long strips to both sides of the barrel.

and another strip on the top of the barrel.

Then I used more thick foam, I curved some strips and glued them to the bottom with gaps in between.

And then some thinner strips in between the previous thicker strips.

I then added a strip to the top which filled in a small gap.  I liked the look of the looped strip on the top.... I added some more down the barrel.

And then some thinner strips on the sides....

...and the top.

Next I added 2 extra grips to the handle.  One was above the first three.

The fifth was in front of the trigger guard.

Then I added a few strips here and there, mostly around the magazine.  I wanted to cover that area a bit since it was reminding me too much of the Gun Blade.

For added rigidness, I glued a strip of card board across the 4 handle grips.

And it's looking pretty crazy.  

It was at this point that I named it the Hand Cannon.

There's not much else to do before painting except adding a few screws and furniture tacks.  I think I went a bit overboard with them, but that's ok.

Next I gave the whole thing a coat of black acrylic paint.

When it dried I found that the paint did a good job making the foam more ridged. 

Next I mixed up some gun metal color and applied it to different parts of the gun.

Followed by some browns for the various grips.

Then I added some light weathering with silver and black paint.

Below is an image of the Hand Cannon (top right) with an assortment of my other hand guns.  As you can see it is pretty big, being about the same size as my disruptor rifle (center) and slightly smaller than my Boba Fett gun (bottom left).

The last step for this project is to add some Mod Podge to the gun to seal it and protect it.  Normally I would spray the gun with some clear enamel spray paint, but unfortunately it is too cold to do that.  

And once it dried I was done!

This picture below also shows the size of this gun.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. The rest of the gun will be made out of crafting foam. Using a ...