Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rebel Blaster (DH-17 blaster pistol)

In 1978 my Father took me to see Star Wars during one of it's many re-releases.
I was 1 year old.  And despite being so young, I do remember the opening scene when the Stormtroopers battle it out with the Rebels on Princess Leia's Blockade runner.  It has been one of my favorite scenes of all time.

So a few years ago I decided to make my own Rebel Blaster (DH-17 Blaster) using a PVC pipe, cardboard, balsa wood, a cheap $8 scope from Walmart and a few nic-naks from Michaels.  This is how it looked about a year ago when I found it in a box.

I recently dug it up and it did not survive well.

So I am going to put it back together and hopefully make it a little nicer.  To start I knocked off the grips that had existed since some were missing.

Then I glued the barrel back on.

Next I used some thick crafting foam and wrapped it around parts of the barrel.

Then I cut smaller strips of foam to use as the grips.

For the most part I do not need to do too much to the gun itself. But I did want to change the scope.  To make my new scope I used 4 different sized plastic coin tubes.

I glued them together and also glued on strips of thin foam to keep the tops of each tube stuck to the bottoms.

Then I glued thicker strips of foam at the joints of each tube.

With the scope done for now I focused on making the top of the gun a little nicer.  I used foam strips on the sides of the existing top - which was a wall shelving bracket screwed into the body of the gun. 

Then I glued the scope on.

I used more strips of foam to connect the scope to the body.

And it's coming along!

Next I screwed on some screws and some furniture tacks.

Then I gave it a coat of black acrylic paint.

After a second coat of black, the Rebel Blaster & Stormtroooper Blaster (seen here) dry side-by-side.

Next I added some silver paint to give it some wear and tear.

And I also began painting the barrel silver. 

The first coat of silver is rather streaky, so I gave it a second coat.

And it's looking really great!  Below we see the mostly finished gun drying next to my Star Trek TNG "Cobra Head" Phaser (seen here).

When the weather warmed up I took the gun outside and gave it a few coats of clear glossy enamel.

And I'm done!

I'm glad I fixed up this old gun! And I hope you've enjoyed reading!

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