Thursday, May 9, 2013

Killjoy Ray Gun

A loyal follower of my blog asked for assistance in making a Killjoy Ray gun - which can be seen on My Chemical Romance's music videos.

From what I've seen there are 4 different guns - they are all identical except for the paint job.

My friend Hallena also provided some images of the actual gun...

...and some templates from her blog,

So, using her templates and images she provided, I redrew the pistol in Adobe Illustrator.

And then I printed them out.

I cut out the main shape of the gun and mounted it to a large sheet of cardboard.

I cut one out to serve as the main template and to use as the center of the gun.

On both sides of the template will be sheets of crafting foam (.25" thick).

I glued the template on one piece of foam and then cut it out.

Then I glued the template onto the other piece of foam.

And then cut it out again.  Now the cardboard template is sandwiched in by 2 pieces of foam.

Then I glued the two remaining cardboard templates on both sides and cut it out.

Then I cut some more strips of cardboard.

And I used those strips to cover the top, bottom, front and back.

Next I went back to my template and cut out the shape for the handle and trigger area.

I used the template to cut out 2 pieces from thick foam.

Then I glued them on.

Next I glued on the grips using thick white crafting foam.

Then using a sharp X-acto knife, I beveled the edges of the grip and around the trigger.  I will sand these later.

Since the barrel goes out a little on each side, I cut a piece of cardboard to the shape I wanted it to go out.

I did this for both sides and glued it on.

Then I cut a thin piece of insulation foam...

...and used it to fill in the areas of the barrel.

When everything was shaped correctly I glued the insulation foam barrel in.

Using a knife and sandpaper, I created the bevel I needed.  I then repeated the process for the bottom part of the barrel.

When both sides of the barrel were done, I glued a strip of thick crafting foam onto the top of the gun.

Using my templates, I created the shape on the top of the gun and glued it on.

Next I glued on some of the smaller elements which were made from thin crafting foam.

Then I did some sanding.

Next I folded and cut a small piece of cardboard to form the emitter.

Then glued it on.

Next I gave the whole gun a coating of black acrylic paint.

When the black dried I applied wood filler to a lot of areas that needed some touching up.

Next came sanding

Followed by another coat of black paint.

When the paint dried it looked like this.

Next I took the gun outside and gave it generous layers of filler primer.

The first coats was light gray.  The second coats were black.

When the primer dried the gun looked good, but there were still many areas that needed touching up.

The angles of the front barrel were bothering me, so when the primer dried I cut some cardboard...

...and cut it to fit the barrel better and glued them on.

Then I applied wood filler to fill in some of the gaps from the new barrel addition, plus a few other areas that needed touching up.

Then I sanded again.

Next I gave the whole gun another coat of black acrylic paint.

When it dried the whole gun was nice and smooth looking.

There are still a few spots that needed touching up.  So once again, I applied some wood filler.

And then sanded, cleaned and applied some filler primer.

Below the Ray gun dries along side my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Scythe (coming soon).

Next I gave it a coat of black primer.

While the filler dried I hopped on the computer and played with possible coloring and designs.

I decided I wanted my ray gun to be purple.  When the primer dried I gave the gun a light sanding and fixed a few small spots.

And then I gave the gun a first coat of purple paint.

When the paint dried it was still quite dark, so more coats were needed.

After several coats of purple acrylic paint the gun is still looking too dark... I went out and brought some purple spray paint.

That did the trick.  When it dried I started to draw on details using some silver paint markers.

I also added some gold paint.

The last step was spraying on some clear enamel, but since it has been rainy the last few days I wound up adding a little more detail here and there.

Finally nice weather came my way and I finally took the gun outside for some clear enamel.

And I'm done!!

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  Many of you have been asking for my templates and a complete list of materials I used.
The templates I am happy to share.  Send me your email address in the comments and I'll send you the templates when I can.  As for the materials, here's what I used:

Printer paper (to print the templates)

Cardboard - which I mounted the templates to with some double-stick (transfer) tape.
This cardboard I got from my job and the closest thing to it is the cardboard that can be found on the back of a pad of paper.  The thickness was around 2mm. You might be able to find something similar at a scrap-booking store.  Don't use corrugated cardboard boxes.

The transfer tape I used I bought from a company called taperite, but you can use a glue stick or spray mount which are a lot cheaper.

An X-acto knife and scissors to cut out the templates.
A ruler to use as a straight edge for cutting straight lines.

Crafting foam - this I bought at the art store Michaels for about  89 cents a sheet (approx 8x10 in size).  This foam can be found around the other 'sheets' of material such as felt sheets.  For this project I used 2 thicknesses that the store offered - one was very thin (approx 2mm thick) and one that was a bit thicker (approx 6mm thick).  I don't remember how much of these sheets I bought, but since it's so inexpensive I bought a lot.

White glue or Hot Glue for gluing the pieces together.

Insulation foam - this stuff can be bought at Home Depot or Lowes.  You can buy an 8' x 4' sheet that's .75" thick for under $20.  You won't need that much though.  At home depot they sell 2'x2' squares of it for about $5.  At Lowes it's a light blue material and at Home Depot it's pink.  The stuff feels like very dense styrofoam.

120 and 220 grit sandpaper for sanding the insulation foam.

Acrylic paint for sealing and painting your piece.

Wood filler - you can buy this at walmart, ace, lowes or home depot.  I usually buy "elmers" brand and get the largest bucket of it for around $10-12.

Filler Primer spray paint.  This can be bought at any hardware store or auto store.

Spray Paint (I used purple for my gun).

Paint Markers (I used silver and gold for my gun).

Clear coat spray paint (I believe I used a clear gloss).

Also, after years only one person has sent me back a picture of their finished project.  So I'd like to thank Marin for sending me this picture.  Good job Marin!

Update 8/30/17:  Someone else sent me pictures of their build.  This one comes from Katie:

Good job Katie!  Your gun looks awesome!!!


  1. could i please get the template? my email is

  2. could I get the template?my email is

  3. can i have the templates please?

  4. hi! I finished my raygun the other day using this as a guide and I would love to send pictures in! Is there an email I could send them to? I'd try to attach them in a comment but i can't find the option to do so

  5. Can you send me the template please? My daughter is doing a female version of Poison Party for Halloween and we've been looking all over for the gun and have come up empty handed. Please put in subject header Poison Party. Thank you very much

  6. hey, is there any way you could send me the templates? my email is

  7. hey, is there any way you could send me those templates? my email is

  8. !hola :)... me encanto tu trabajo llevo mucho tiempo buscando las raygun de MCR me podrias enviar las plantillas a este correo: porfa a mi primo y yo nos gustaria hacernos unas... :v

  9. !hola... :) me encanto tu trabajo llevo mucho tiempo buscando las raygun de MCR, podrias por favor enviarme las plantillas a este correo: a mi primo y a mi nos hacernos unas.... :v

  10. Could I get the template?

  11. Is it possible to get the templates?

  12. Hello Everyone. I appreciate that even after several years, people are still interested in my templates. A few months back I lost them, but you can still download the templates at size by clicking on the image of the templates at the beginning of this blog entry and then saving the image. I'm hoping that people will read this instead of emailing me asking for the templates. Again, thank you all for your support and interest in my blog.

  13. I really want to attempt making this! Could you mail me at ?

  14. I would sell my soul to get one of those :D Sadly I don't have the skills to make one plus I don't really know anyone who could make me one..:( But you did an amazing job!!! I'm so jealous :D

  15. Gosh I would litterally pay to get one of those :D Sadly I don't have the skills to make one on my own and I don't really know anyone who could make one for me... But you did an amazing job!!! I'm so jealous!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. If I wind up making more in the future I will let you know!

    2. Oh, you're welcome :)

      Yeah that'd be incredible! *-*

    3. Oh, you're very welcome :)

      That'd be amazing *-*

  16. It's going to take me a while, because I'm in college, so I'll only be able to work on this when I have time, but I plan on making two of these ray guns. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to send pictures when I'm finished (like I said though, it might take me a while).

    1. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the final!

  17. Hello! I would like to have a gun like this for my original killjoy character cosplay. im working on getting money to build it but i don't believe i have the capability of making something like this XD

  18. Hi, I built the gun and would like to send you pictures. How do I do that?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hi, I built the gun and would like to send you pictures. How do I do that?

  20. Hi! I have also just finished my gun, if you'd like to see the pics I would love to send them to you!

  21. Could you please email me the plans brother

  22. Hey brother, could you please email me the plans I’d love to make one for my daughter

  23. How important is using wood filler and filler primer? And does it matter if it's sprayed on vs. hand painted on (other than possibly saving time)?

  24. Also, I noticed that when you made your gun, you didn't include the trigger? Is there a reason why and do you have tips on how to add that?

    1. I didn't include the trigger since it was just a foam-based model. If I would have made it out of a more solid material then I may have included the trigger.

  25. If perhaps your able to create the Kobra Kid "replica" how much would you think about selling it for?

  26. Could this design possibly be modified if I wanted to add some kind of lights/wiring? I'm thinking of trying to add some kind of button that could make the gun flash like it's actually firing (still have to ask a friend about getting that rigged up).

    1. I am sure it can be done, although I am not very good with wiring.

  27. ooo i really want to make this gun but it might take quite a while considering having to find all the right materials and stuff. But it's the year of the killjoy and it wouldn't be right to live the year without a ray gun. I'm so glad I found this. Thank You ! !

    1. Thank you! I hope your build turns out nice!