Saturday, July 27, 2013

What I've been up to? Learning how to make furniture using Google SketchUp!

A few months ago the company which I work for bought a 3D printer.  Me being the entirety of the art department, I had to start learning how to use this new printer, and thus had to begin learning 3D software.  My company spent so much on the printer that they didn't want to spend any more money on the software, so I started learning SketchUp - which is free software.

A coworker of mine became impressed with my 3D work that he asked me to design a bookshelf for his home - complete with an electric fireplace and space for a painting.  Below are images of the final bookshelf which he loved.

I had so much fun making the shelf for my coworker that I began designing furniture that I can hopefully make myself.  The most important piece of furniture that I am lacking at my home is a decent computer desk.  So that is where I began....

Each day I would design a new desk.

Some were a little complex.

Some were downright simple.

Then I began measuring out the desk to fit a specific area in my apartment.

Since I am a complete amateur when it comes to wood working, I decided to make a lot of my pieces using 2x4's - which hardware stores can easily cut for me, and are not overly expensive.

But I do plan on one day having some wood working tools, so some designs do incorporate materials like plywood.

One day when I actually get around to making my desk I will be sure to make a posting about it.

Some times I didn't feel quite like designing desks, so I started work on other things I could possibly build - like bed frames.... 

...or some entertainment units....

....Kitchen tables...

...Work tables (for my one day garage or basement)...

...or simple shelves....

...and even a feeding station for my dog.

But the most fun was making bowling lanes.

This I hope to build one day when I have a spacious back yard, or basement.

Many lanes were made, but since they all looked very similar I only posted a few.

I hope to get into wood working some time soon.  I thoroughly enjoy making helmets and props - but making quality items like desks and furniture would be a great skill to have.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, I sure hope you end up with a place big enough to have a bowling lane in! Good work as always, Tim.

  2. Thanks Phil! I hope I wind up with a big place too! I would love to have my bowling lane, plus a wood working shop and a place to make all my helmets and props!