Saturday, October 12, 2013

DIY Saw Table

Not too long ago I was doing a lot of wood working (and other crafts) on the floor or my coffee table.  This proved very difficult after a while - especially on my knees and on my dog (who thought me being on the floor was an invitation to give him some attention).

I also had a lot of trouble cutting wood with my jig saw - which I usually balanced on a bunch of 2x4's.

So I constructed a saw table out of scrap wood I had lying around.

The construction of this saw table is nothing too special.  Essentially it's 8 even sized 2x4's - 4 screwed together make the frame and the remaining 4 screwed to the frame to make the legs.  I didn't have full sheets of wood to make a complete table top, but the vertical and horizontal spaces are perfect for cutting wood with a saw.  Not long after I built this table, I went out and bought a circular saw.

The circular saw is fun, and I immediately made plans for a table saw I could construct which would allow me to insert and remove my circular saw from.

This table had hinges so that the table top could swing open and allow me to mount my circular saw underneath.  As great as this simple table was, it was a little too large for my small apartment.

Then I remembered I already had a saw table to use!  So I flipped my saw table upside-down

and I placed my circular saw underneath the table top.

I made markings where the shoe connects to the table.

Then I pre-drilled screw holes, and then screwed the saw to the table.

Then I turned the table right-side-up and I have a small table saw!

I tried it out on scrap wood and it does work, although the 2 screws holding the saw in place are not going to do the job alone.

so I went to the hardware store and picked up a few pieces of hardware to hold it in place better.

The brackets really hold the saw in place well.  I then drew some arrows to show which direction to push wood.

Because my saw doesn't have a button which keeps the saw running, I simply placed a clamp on the trigger to keep it on.  I then plug, or unplug the saw as needed.

And I have my first table saw!

It's not overly pretty, but it works.  One day when I have space I will have to build a bigger, better (and more accurate) table saw, but it works for me right now.  The best part about this table saw is that it didn't cost me any extra money to make.  I had the saw, and the wood pieces already.  And even if I did have to spend money, this whole build should be under $20 (not including the saw).

I would also like to say that if you decide to create something similar BE CAREFUL!  As useful as this table saw is, it scares the heck out of me!  It goes with out saying that using dangerous tools like this in a manner that it was not made for is risky - so use every precaution, even if it seems silly or unnecessary. 

I also feel that I should state that I can not take responsibility for anyone who injures themselves making a table saw based off of this blog entry.  
Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  A couple of years after making this saw table in my small apartment, I moved into a house with a large garage and built a bigger, better and safer table saw!

And like the plans I made years ago, I incorporated a top that swings on a hinge!  This makes for easy access to the circular saw underneath!

You can check out the build for this much better saw table by clicking here.
Thanks for reading!

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