Friday, December 6, 2013

Computer/Work Desk

With the success of a few wood working projects, I decided that my next wood working project will be to make a computer or work desk.  For some time I have been wanting to make my own computer desk, as the several I have bough over the years have never lasted long.  I think I can build something better, and for less money.  Ever since I began learning the 3D program SketchUp, I have made several versions of a computer desk to fit the area in my apartment where my current "desk" is (my current desk is a plastic fold-up table).

There is a lot of clutter around my desk - which is right near an alcove with a window.  This alcove has been a dumping ground for a lot of projects, materials and scrap.  Hopefully my new desk will clean up this area a little bit.

So for a few months I designed a plethora of different tables....below are several images of these designs.

The table above and below were going to be my final design.  This table will be 6 feet long and give me enough desk space for my computer work and dual monitors, plus 8 shelves for my computer tower, printer, tools, paper and helmets like the one in the images.

Then a problem arose.  The wonderful apartment that I had lived in for years no longer became wonderful.  It was time to move.  I now needed my current table to use in my storage space.

So with my table gone, I had to improvise with my computer set up.  What I came up with was less than desirable.

I didn't feel quite safe with the monitors balanced on a board in between 2 book shelves.  So I sought to build a simple table that would be easy to construct and deconstruct, yet strong enough to hold up my computer, and the many boxes I plan on putting on it during my move.  My table shown has a bottom shelf and casters (wheels) on the bottom.  Since this is only going to be a temporary table for the next few months I am not going to add the wheels or bottom shelf.

My table would be constructed of simple 2x4's and plywood.  Nothing elegant or expensive.  I made the lumber list and brought it to the store to cut.

Instead of drilling pocket holes and the such, I decided to go the easy route and I bought some aluminum corner braces (also called 90 degree rigid ties).  The 2x4's simply fit into these and all I have to do it screw everything together.

I also remembered that I have numerous attic floor tiles I bought when I moved into my apartment.  I decided to use these for the table top instead of buying and cutting plywood.

So I got my wood cut and brought it home.

Then I started by assembling the 2 sides of the table using the corner braces.

With the 2 sides done, I then added the beams for the bottom front & back.

Followed by the top.  I also added a beam in the middle to strengthen the table top.

Then I took my attic tiles and screwed them to the top.

About 2 and a half hours later I was done.

It's very large and very strong, and I wish I had built it sooner.

The great thing is, it will be easy to disassemble once it's time to move out in a few weeks.  All I'll have to do is unscrew everything.  Once I have a new home I will most likely reassemble this table, add the bottom shelf and casters, and most likely put on a better table top.  Once I do, rest assured I will have an update for this blog entry.  Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  I decided a few weeks later to add the bottom shelf.  To do this I used the same 2x2 attic tiles.  Since the bottom shelf is the same size as the top of the table, all I had to do is cut away where the 2x4 legs go.  So I used a spare 2x4 to trace the shape onto the attic tiles.

...and then started cutting away.

The fit was perfect.

Once all the tiles were in place I screwed them in.

And I'm done again!


  1. Hope all goes well with the move, Timbo. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new premises. Hopefully you'll end up with somewhere you can have a workshop or even a shed!

  2. Thanks Phil! I hope for the very same thing!

  3. Not sure if you still frequent this page, but I want to thank you for the ideas on a computer desk. I ended up building the two-monitor type (minus the Storm Trooper Mask), and it turned out great! Great ideas on this page!

    1. Thank you very much for your comments! I'd love to see how your desk turned out!

  4. Thank you for the great ideas for a two-monitor computer desk. I built one based on one of your drawings (minus the Storm Trooper helmet), and it turned out great. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you very much for your comments! I'd love to see how your desk turned out!

    2. Really dumb question... How do I add a photo to the message? If you'd like I can email it too you, just give me an address.

    3. you can email it to me at