Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Furniture Dolly

At the time of this writing (December 2013) I have lived in my little apartment for over 2 and a half years.  A majority of the projects seen on my blog before this posting have been made here - on my coffee table, back yard or on the floor.  Sadly, all good things come to an end, and it's time to move.  A majority of my stuff fits in boxes, but I have a lot of furniture as well.

So, as a farewell to my apartment I decided to whip up one last project, and that is to make a simple furniture dolly to help me move my stuff.  This piece is going to made out of some left over 2x4's.

I laid 2 pieces on the floor, with 2 other pieces connecting both ends of first 2 pieces.

I drilled holes in each corner.

And screwed all 4 pieces together.

With the frame of the dolly complete, I added a center beam on the top.

And one more beam on the bottom.

Next I bought 4 3" rotating casters...

...and screwed them to the bottom corners.

I've seen strips of carpet on the tops of other furniture dollys to help protect furniture - but I feel like heavy furniture might slip on soft carpeting.  So for mine, I am going to use some foam rubber garage door seal.

I cut strips of the foam to fit the 3 beams on the top of the dolly.

Using a staple gun, I stapled the foam to the beams.

...and I have a working dolly.

And that's all you have to do for a simple dolly...

..but I don't think I'll leave it at that.  I think I want some handles for mine.  To make these handle, I bought some PVC tubes with 2 PVC corners and some PVC couplings to fit the tubes.

I started by drilling holes in the couplings to connect them to the dolly.  

On one side of the coupling I drilled the holes larger to make it easier to drill screws.

Once the couplings were screwed in, I cut the pipe to size.

Then I popped the pipes in place.

Then I added the corner pieces and the added one more piece of pipe to act as the handle.

And I'm done.

I have to admit, the handle is not the strongest it could be.  But it should be good enough to get me through this move.

If not, the handles come off easily enough, and I can use a piece of rope to pull the dolly.

It was a pretty simple, quick and inexpensive build, and I think it is totally worthwhile to make. 

 I used it the next day and it worked well...

...but the joint between the couplings and the base is weak....I will have to fix that.

Later I remade the handle.  A connecting tube was inserted in the middle making it more sturdy.

I removed the couplings on the base and drilled the bottom part of the handle in it's place.

Everything is a lot stronger now, and the handle is still removable.

I tried it out again the next day and the improvements were definitely improvements!  The handle is a lot stronger and I was able to push & pull heavier loads.

Well, it wasn't much of a last project for this apartment, but I'm sure soon enough I'll have a new home, and some new projects.  Until then, thanks for reading!!


  1. What ended up being the overall dimensions on thia dolly? 3' x 2'? Im makojg one to accomodate a d hold a large heavy dresser while Im refinishing it...it may need to be moved so its gonna stay on my dolly. The dresser is 64" wide x 19" deep dx 32 " high. I have plenty of 2x4s in lengths of over 6' each. Thanks!

    1. Hey Bipolar,
      I don't remember what the overall dimensions are since I made this years ago and no longer have it. Based on the images I would think it's around 20" x 30" or so. But I should think you can make it easily to fit whatever dimension you need it to be.

  2. Thanks for these instructions, they helped me so much.