Friday, April 25, 2014

Faux Granite/Marble practice

Not long ago I found a video on youtube of someone who made an impressive granite counter top out of everything except granite.  Below is the video if you wish to view it.

The person did not list many of the materials used to make it, but that won't stop me from trying to do the same!  I have hopes that someday I can make an impressive kitchen counter top which looks and feels like marble or granite, but in fact are made from simple materials such as plywood or MDF.

To begin I searched the web for some granite textures.

Then I printed out the textures I liked for reference.

The surface I plan to work on a the top of a broken wooden box.  I unhinged the broken part and cleaned up the wood top.

I also picked up a few cheap spray bottles.

And some inexpensive, water based paints.

The weather wasn't so great the day I started this, so my first test was on some sheets of bristol.  I added a 1:1 ratio of paint and water to the bottles and shook it up.

When I had my bottles ready I started spraying.

My first attempts were a bit lackluster for 2 main reasons:
1. My paint was too watery, and
2. My spray bottles only had one spray setting - large drops.

Since my first attempt was indoors, I did not want paint to get all over the place.  I waited for the weather to clear up before I made my second attempt - which should be out doors.  I also picked up some better spray bottles.

Much to my surprise, I encountered the same results as before.  Frustrated, I put this project on hold.  And then one day I started making a computer desk.

I decided I wanted to try out the marbled look again, but this time I went a different route.  I painted the surfaces black...

...and then I used a product called Krylon Webbing spray.

This stuff gave a marble effect to my piece.

Next I used some Krylon glitter blast to add some sparkle.

It's hard to tell from the photo that there's glitter there, but in person this thing shines and sparkles.

The last step is to use a great product called "Pour on"

This high gloss finish works magnificently!

All the surfaces were super smooth and glossy.

Krylon also makes a spray paint called "Make it stone".

I plan on trying out this stuff soon in some future projects.

The website also has a great tutorial of someone making a marble counter top on a piece of furniture using paints, sponges and a feather.

Soon I am moving across the country, and I've decided not to take any furniture with me.  Once I get to my new home I will have to rebuild it all, and I can't be excited enough about it.  I know that some of my new furniture will incorporate a marble/granite texture and I'm happy I've learned a few ways to accomplish that look.  Thanks for reading!

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