Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Small indoor Rustic Bar

At the point of this writing, I have made a lot of new furniture for my new house.  However, those pieces that I have made were merely reproductions of my original rustic furniture I made over a year ago.  Now it's time to make something new, and I decided that thing shall be a bar!

To begin, I created a bar with one large drawer and 2 swinging doors.  This bar will go in my dining room, and shouldn't be too big.  My design was simple and I created it in SketchUp.

Now that I know what size everything will be, I went to the hardware store and bought some wood.

Most of the boards for this project will be 3/4" particle board.  These pieces cut very nicely on my table saw.

I then began assembling the carcass of the bar using pocket holes and screws.

When the carcass was done, I began constructing the face frame.  I used my miter saw to cut the pine boards to size and also assembled them using pocket holes and screws.

I used some glue and my nail gun to attach the face frame to the carcass.

Then I began cleaning up a few areas that weren't completely level.  I did this using my block plane and my mouse sander.

Next I used my router to give the table top a nice edge.

Once that was done I began to work on making the drawer.

This was the first sliding drawer I've made and I was super happy that it came out quite well.

With the drawer done, it's time to work on the doors.  These were made out of leftover pine boards.

I cut them to size and assembled them using pocket holes and screws.

These board were pretty warped, so I used some other pieces of wood as a cross beam and screwed them together.  This straightened them out a lot.

Then I attached the doors to some hinges.

I liked the look of the screwed in cross beams on the doors, so I decided to attach a similar piece of wood to the drawer.

When all that was done the whole thing got more sanding.

...followed by some wood filler.

...followed by more sanding.

Once it was completely sanded, I gave the whole things a good cleaning.

And then some stain.

When the stain dried, I sanded some more to give that rustic look that I love.

Then I cleaned the bar one more time.

And then applied some finishing wax.

When it was dry I brought the bar inside the house.

I screwed on a bottle opener to the side.

And then began stocking up the bar!

This was a great little project to work on and I hope you enjoyed reading!

UPDATE:  I eventually made one more addition to this bar:

A bottle cap catcher for the side!

It started out as a simple box which would go on the floor...

...but I didn't like it on the floor, so I added some hanging hardware,

and attached it to the side.

And it works great!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Timbo - great work as usual. Envious of the work you do in such a short time!