Thursday, July 10, 2014

Death Star Trench for X-Wing Miniture game

Recently my father game me the X-Wing Miniature game, and I must admit, it's pretty fun.  But playing the game on the floor or my dining room table, complete with yellow, red and green table cloth isn't all that great.  So I decided to make a game mat that looks like...


After doing a search online, I found that other people have made the same thing.

So, I think I will make one of my own.  To start I made a template in SketchUp for a game mat that will fit on my dining room table.  This mat will be made out of insulation foam.

Next I went back online and found various Death Star surface textures such as the ones seen below.

I copied the textures and printed out sheets of it on card stock.

I printed enough to fit the length and width of my dining room table.  I can always print more later if I need to.

Next, I went out and bought the insulation foam.

Then I began cutting it to fit the dimensions I laid out in SketchUp.

After a bit of cutting, toothpicks and some hot glue, I had my surface.

Then I continued cutting and gluing until I had the shape I wanted for the game board.

Next, I applied some double sided tape to my print outs and began cutting them out and adhering them to the surface.

After a few hours I had my surface completely covered.

At this point I took out the playing pieces and making sure the scale was somewhat accurate.  

But the game board is not complete yet.  Next I had to make some elements - namely the exhaust port and some laser towers.  I used some reference images online to make these.

I made a turbo laser in SketchUp to 3D print, however I do not have enough filament to print them - so those will have to wait.

Instead I started on the exhaust port.  I printed the exhaust port from photos found online.  I adhered them to some leftover foam and glued it to the trench.

Then I added some black spray paint to dirty up the trench a little.

Next I wanted to add more elements since the trench was looking a bit flat.  I took some leftover prints of the surface  adhered them to cardboard boxes I had, since at the moment I did not have any normal cardboard to use.

I cut them out into smaller pieces...

...and began gluing them randomly to the trench surface.

Next I made some more features, this time out of folder card stock.

I then glued them to the whole piece.

At this point the trench is not yet complete, but it's far enough along for me to try out a game or two with it.

So, when my filament finally arrived, I started to 3D print a turbo laser.

I think the scale is accurate for the playing pieces, but it looks awfully big on the game board.

So I made some smaller Turbo Lasers for the sake of the game board.  Also, my turbo laser above took over 6 hours to print, so smaller ones will probably take less time.

Next I began cleaning up my prints with files and my X-acto knife.

And then began applying many layers of primer.

When the primer dried I glued barrels to the turrets.

And then I painted them.


Once the paint dried, I placed them on my playing board.

And they look awesome!!!

I think I will make more Laser cannons in the future.  For now, 2 is good.

For the last step I made some playing cards for the Death Star Cannon towers and the exhaust port.

Another fun project complete for now.  Thanks for reading!

pew pew!


  1. Tim - you have excelled yourself with this! Amazing! Nerdy - but amazing...

    Love it!


  2. how did you make the playing cards? can you link the jpg?

    1. Hello Lestat,
      I created the cards by scanning existing cards and modifying them in Photoshop. I can email you my files if you'd like.


  3. Excellent work, congratulations, you could send me the original image of this:
    Thank you

  4. This was an amazing read, with clearly detailed steps showing exactly what you did. And such a great outcome! Printing and cutting to card and foam board is certainly a low-tech approach, but the results speak for themselves! Fantastic work! :)

  5. Thank you for your kind words Johnny!