Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beer Bottle Caddy

Ahhh beer!

My brother's wife is a aficionado of Belgian and Stout beers, so I thought for her upcoming birthday I would make her a nice beer caddy with bottle opener for her!  I searched online and one website had a cool looking beer caddy, complete with plans.  You can check out that website by clicking here.

Their's is cool, but as always I'll change mine up a bit from what they shared.

I started by creating new templates in Adobe Illustrator and printing them up.

I cut out the templates and traced them onto some wood.

The sides and bottoms are made from .75" thick pine.  The inside dividers will be .25" thick oak plywood.

I cut out the pieces using my table and miter saws.

For the grooves in the dividers, I used my jig saw and a file.

The dividers fit together perfectly.

A dry fit shows everything aligns and fits correctly.

Next, I routed the sides and bottom to look nice.

Then I drilled pocket holes onto the sides.

Unfortunately because out the routed edges, the pocket screws showed through.  I didn't want this so I removed them.

Instead I trimmed the bottom and glued the sides to the bottom.  This turned out looking better.

While the glue dried, I sanded the dividers.

Then I cut some more pine wood to make the sides.  In the original they used 4 pieces of thinner wood for the sides.  I'm using 2 pieces of thicker wood.  I routed these edges as well.

Then I glued the sides on with the dividers snugly fitting inside.

When the glue dried the whole piece was looking nice, but not strong enough to stay as is... all the pieces were nailed in place as well.

Next I added wood filler to all the holes I made.

Then I drilled the 1/2" hole at the top of the sides for the handle.  I should have done this earlier, but I forgot.  But no harm done.

I then inserted the dowel and cut it to length.

The dowel was glued in, and wood filler applied to the sides.

Looking good!

When the filler dried I sanded.

After cleaning it up, I applied some stain.

While the stain dried, I cut 2 smaller pieces of 1/4" plywood.

Then I sanded them and gave them several coats of chalkboard paint.

When the stain dried I sanded it to give it that rustic, worn look.

Then I applied some clear coat.

Once everything was dry, I glued the 2 small chalkboards to the sides of the caddy.

Next, I spruced up the look with some furniture tacks.

Next I tested the whole thing with some beer bottles,

I also tested the chalkboards.

Everything holds together well, so I went out and bought a bottle opener and I screwed it to one of the sides.

For the last step, I went out and bought some beer that my sister in law likes and filled this thing.

This was a very fun little project to work on and I hope my sister in law likes it (and the beer as well).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! and thanks for reading!

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