Thursday, October 2, 2014

Horned Mandelorian Helmet

One of my first helmet builds was this horned Fett helmet.

I loved this helmet, but it did have some draw backs.  For one, it was very heavy.  It also did not fit my head very well.  So it's time to make a new, better one that fits and is lighter.  I started off making the same pepakura helmet I originally did.  This was made out of regular paper since I had no other paper available at the time.

To strengthen it I mixed up some glue and water and cut strips of paper to make paper mache.

The final outcome was not so great.

So I made a cover for it out of crafting foam.

I glued the foam to the paper helmet.

This did not work out well, so I ditched the paper helmet and decided to work with the foam instead.  I also decided to utilize a hard hat I had hanging around.

I cut off the brim using my dremmel.

The hard hat fit the foam almost too perfectly.

I used krazy glue to temporarily adhere the mask to the helmet (at the time I was doing other stuff in my workshop).

When I moved back into my office work table, I better attached the mask to the helmet using other pieces of foam and hot glue.  I also added other elements to the helmet using foam and hot glue.

Next I cut out parts of the face plate, and glued in new parts to make the helmet look more accurate. 

I normally adhere small parts of foam using krazy glue - however this is difficult when gluing plain foam to plain foam.  In order to make it easier I had to give it a coat of primer.

While the primer dried I began work on the horns.  I used some insulation foam and drew the basic horn shape I wanted.

Then I cut it out with an X-acto knife.

I made 3 more for a total of 4.

Next I glued each pair to make 2 thicker horns.

I shaped the horns using my belt sander....

...and a coarse sanding block.

After a little while I had 2 horns.

The helmet itself is shaping up nicely, but the foam is still too flexible.  So I coated the inside with plaster wrap and kept the shape with a piece of wood.

I also coated the horns with plaster wrap.

I left everything to dry overnight.

The next morning the helmet was more rigid so I removed the wood and gave everything a new coat of primer.

I still want the helmet to be more rigid, so I decided to coat the insides with fiberglass resin.

I used Bondo to coat the surfaces of the horns.

When the resin hardened I applied wood filler to parts of the helmet to fill in gaps.

When everything dried it received a good sanding.

...and another coat of primer.

I purposely left a lot of areas where I applied wood filler, untouched.  Since the final helmet should look like something made out of copper, covered in rust, I wanted there to be a build-up of gritty material.

Recently while working on an Iron Man helmet, I used some Gloss Red spray paint which sealed the crafting foam surface of that helmet quite well - better than just primer.  I decided to use that same spray paint on this helmet to help fill and protect the foam that makes up most of this helmet as well.  

While the helmet was left to dry, I created 2 circles out of insulation foam and cut them out.

These pieces will fit around the horns and connect to the helmet.  Using a sanding block I began to shape the circle.

Eventually it fit on.

I then made a second one.

The circles are a little too small for my liking... I glued another piece of foam below it.

And then cut out and shaped those as well.

I also created 2 'ears' out of insulation foam.

These also received sanding.

Then I began applying wood filler to the horns.

While those dried I created a few small horns/teeth out of air-drying clay.

Then I began adding more crafting foam to the helmet.

I also glued on the insulation foam 'ears' and added more crafting foam.

Then I added more wood filler to almost everything.

When the filler dried I spray painted primer over those areas.

And I sanded the horns once the filler dried.

Then I used screws and glue to attach the horns!

Since the bottom of the horns were flat and the helmet is curved, the horn bottoms needed to be scooped out a little.

Now they fit perfectly.

Next I added screws to the ears...

...and screwed in the horns I made from clay.

The helmet is coming along nicely, but it still needs a few things.

I added some crafting foam to decorate the base of the horns.

I also added furniture tacks to look like bolts.

In my past Fett/Mandelorian helmet builds, I usually removed the entire visor area at some point.  That usually weakened the helmet and had to replace the visor or build it up some how.  For this helmet I'm only removing a small amount of the visor area so that the helmet stays intact and strong.

When the helmet is completed I will attach the entire visor and no one will know only a small piece was originally removed.

Next I added more wood filler - mostly to the horn areas (big and small horns).

Then painted on a few more coats of that nice red paint.

When that dried I painted on some copper paint.

Then I let it dry next to my Uruk-Hai helmet which had also just been spray painted.

When the paint dried I started painting the horns with Acrylic paint.  I started off with a cream white color and eventually added some slight colors...yellows...



Then I sponged on a copper-oxidation coloring.

Followed by some corrosive whitish colors.

Then I added some reds to the bases of each horn.

Then I sprayed the helmet with clear coat.

The last step is to make the visor, but I had to wait for some plastic and tint to arrive, so it hung out on top of my bookshelf with Iron Man.

I eventually took it down and added more paint to make it look better.  This included more blues and greens for the rust/oxidation...

...oranges, pinks, reds and brown to the base of the large horns...

...and small horns.

It still needs more though.

So I added blood streaks to the horns.

...and to the rest of the helmet.

Then I gave the helmet more clear coat.

While that dried I created a template for the visor from the original pep files.

I bought some clear plastic sheets and a tinting spray paint called Nite shades.

I sprayed the plastic and let it dry.  This will be the visor.

When the sheet was dry I used my template and cut out the visor.

And I think I'm done!

wait a minute....I forgot one last step - weathering!  I dry-brushed on some black and grays to give it that dirty, gritty look.

Now I'm done!

It feels good to remake this helmet.  It's definitely different from my original, but it still has the same feel to it.  I'm glad this one is back in my collection!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I must confess that i liked your original mandalorian helmet the best, but this one is cool looking as well.

  2. Thanks Daniele. I think the original helmet was super too!