Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Tomb Stones & Decor

With Halloween coming in a few days, my girlfriend wanted some spooky decor for the front of our house.  We already have some pumpkins, but she wanted some tombstones.  So instead of buying marked up cheap tombstones from the store, I decided to help her make her own!

For these tombstones we're going to use some sheets of insulation foam.

My girlfriend showed me the shape she wanted, and I drew it out onto one sheet of foam.

Then she cut it out.  I told her not to worry about jagged edges - they can be smoothed out later.

A course sanding block smoothed out the edges nicely.

We then glued on more strips of foam to make it look better.  She also used the sanding block to roughen up the surface a little more.

While she made her tombstone, I quickly threw together my own (mine is not as nice as hers).

When the shapes were done, she sprayed on some gray primer.

Usually when working with insulation foam, I need to coat the foam with something to protect it from the aerosol in spray paint - which dissolves insulation foam.  For this project we want the tombstones to look gritty and worn, so we let the aerosol do it's thing and it gave us great results.

We had to apply a few layers of primer.  Each time the previous layer ate away at foam, it left a lot of pink showing.

Then we added some plasti-dip to protect the foam from further aerosol dissolving.

Then, we gave it one more coat of gray primer.

For the lettering, my girlfriend came up with this rhyme:

I printed it out on paper...

...and applied some charcoal to the back.

We put the paper on the tombstone with the charcoal side touching the foam.  My girlfriend then proceed to trace the letters onto the tombstone.  When done, she used paint pens to make the letters show better.

For my tombstone, I simply drew on a name, date and some flourishes with a sharpie marker.

My girlfriend's tombstone (left) is clearly better than mine on the right.

Next we were going to glue some spikes onto the back and hammer them into the ground, but I was afraid that the hammering would damage the hard work we did, so I simply cut more insulation foam and created easels for the backs.

The easels work well.

Lastly I sprayed on primer onto the back and easels.

And then we put them outside!

These look great, even at night.

Aside from the tombstones, my girlfriend also made several other Halloween decorations.  Below are 2 signs she made and stained...

....and painted on words.

She also made several pumpkins.  One of which was inspired by some armor I had made.

She took a foam pumpkin and painted it with flat black paint.

 Then she brushed on some silver spray paint.

Lastly she painted on the word "Nevermore" with red acrylic paint and perched a crow on top.

One of the best pumpkin's I've seen!

She also painted a few pumpkins to look like Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

She made an awesome Halloween wreath for our front door.

She also painted a Day of the Dead skull....

...and several flashing pumpkins.

Also, she made a nice Halloween floral arrangement.

We also hung up some silly older decorations we made for a small apartment in NY.  These were all cut out of crafting foam and glued together.

All in all my girlfriend did a great job making her own decorations!

Come Halloween night I placed my knight armor outside to make out front yard even spookier!

Thanks for reading!

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