Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rubberband Guns

For my next project I decided to make a rubberband gun.  Since I've never made one before, this gun will be quite simple - but a little more detailed than the guns pictured above.  I actually have a rubberband gun that my Aunt bought for me when I was a kid, but I can't seem to find it.  It would have been nice using it as a template, but I guess I'll have to wing it.

I had some nice leftover trim laying around so I decided this will be part of the barrel.

I cut 2 pieces and glued them together.

I also used a rejected sword handle - which also was made from pieces of trim.

And I'll use some clothes pins.

The old sword handle had another piece of wood glued onto it, so I removed it using a hammer and chisel.

Then I sanded to removed the old glue.

I glued and clamped the old handle to the new barrel.

I also used screws to hold it together.

Once the pieces dried I cut one end at an angle.  Later the clothes pins will be attached to this area.

I used my drill handle as a template for the gun handle.

I cut it out on a piece of leftover board and used the cutout as a template to cut out a second piece.

I attached both pieces with glue and screws.

Then I drilled some pocket holes into the handle.

I screwed them into the barrel.

The pieces hold together quite well.

So I removed the screws and began sanding the handle smooth.

Then I used my router to decorate the sides of the handle.

When I finished smoothing and sanding the handle I attached it to the barrel using pocket screws and glue.

Using a file, I notched a space for the rubberbands on the front of the barrel.

The front of the gun was looking a little bland, so I used another scrap piece of wood and drilled a hole with my drill press.

I then glued and screwed that piece to the front of the gun.

Using some wood plugs, I filled up the pocket holes I made earlier.

I glued and clamped them in place until they dried.

While they were drying I drilled 2 small holes into the clothes pins.  I will use these to screw the pins to the gun.

Once the glue had dried I sanded everything smooth.

Then I screwed on the clothes pins.

These clothes pins are not the most solid things out there.  Since they are thin plastic, they are quite flexible.  And as it happens, I can't seem to find a single rubberband in my house to test them.  So for now I removed them and prepped the gun for staining.

Stain applied.

A few minutes later I wiped the excess stain away and it looks pretty sweet.

The next day I sprayed on some polyurethane.

While that dried I went out and found some wood clothes pins.  These will be much better than the plastic ones I've been using.

I glued 2 onto the back of the gun...

...and clamped them on.

When they dried I tested them out.

The clothespins were a little weak, but I eventually found larger stronger ones.

This rubberband gun packs a punch!  It holds the rubber bands and shoots them fast and hard.

As soon as I completed this build, I wound up finding my old rubberband gun.

Now I have 2!  

But I had a feeling I will have more soon - and I was right!  This new gun was cool, but it's awfully big.  I decided to make 2 small ones.  To start I drew a small pistol shape into a piece of wood.

I cut it out with my jig saw.

Then I used my new shape as a template for a second gun and cut that out as well.

I used the rotary sanding bit on my dremmel to smooth out the cuts, most notably in the trigger area.

Then I screwed each gun onto my work table and began routing the edges with a round over bit.

When done, I unscrewed the guns and sanded them with sandpaper.

Next I filled in the holes with filler.

And then I glued clothespins onto the tops.

While the glue and filler dried, I filed a notch for the rubber band to sit on the front of the barrel.

When the glue dried I sanded them.

Then I tested it out with a rubberband.  The barrel is too small.

So I marked cut areas on both guns....

...and cut them out with the jigsaw.

Next I cut a piece of a dowel I had and glued it on.

This dowel is small, so I added another small dowel underneath.

I did this to both guns, glued and clamped and let to dry.

When all dried I tested them and they worked great!

Next step - stain!

When the stain dried I applied clear coat.

And I'm done!

These little pistols are great.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  Several months later I had a ton of scrap material and some new tools to work with, so I decided to make another rubberband gun.

I had 2 triangular pieces of wood and a rather large dowel that would make a nice pair of revolvers.

For the shape I traced an actual revolver that I have.  I traced it on one of the pieces of wood.

Then I began trimming that piece of wood with my saws.

For the trigger guard area, I drilled holes with my drill press.

...then I cut out the rest of the area with my jigsaw.

I cleaned up edges and made the finger shapes in the handle with my dremel.

Then I traced the shape onto the second piece of wood.

But before I cut that piece out, I ran the first piece through my new router table.  Some of the wood cracked from this process.

So I decided to glue the cracked piece onto the other piece.  Now it will be only 1 revolver.

When the glue dried it took a lot of time cutting out the shape again.

This time the thicker piece of wood held up to the pressure of the router table.

Next I cut some pieces of the dowel to be the magazine for the revolver.

But before I add anything else, I need to sand the whole thing first.

Then I glued in the magazine.

For the barrel I glued together 2 pieces of leftover trim from a different project.

This was difficult to glue and clamp, so I glued it and balanced it against the wall.

Once the glue set, I added some nails and then some clothespins on the top.

I added a little decorative pieces such as some side trim, a muzzle, and cylinder underneath the barrel.

Since this gun is now thicker, I needed to carve away material to better fit my fingers.

The dremel was perfect for this.

Then after a little more sanding and cleaning, this thing was good to go!

Next I gave it some stain.

When the stain dried I applied some rub-on polyurethane.

And now I have another awesome rubberband gun!
Watch out!

Thanks for reading!

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