Thursday, April 2, 2015

Space Gaming Boards and pieces

Recently my brother has gotten me into Star Trek™ Attack Wing.

For these games I am going to build some new game boards and pieces.  The first build will involve making a generic space field that I can use for either the Star Wars or Star Trek Game.  To start I am going to make use of a game board/chalk board I had made a while ago.  This board is 2-feet by 4-feet and is a good size for playing the game on.

I plan on making some game board inserts that fit into the frame of this chalk board, and is easily removable.  While searching online for game boards I came across a fascinating video of someone who quickly spray painted a star field game board (you can see his video my clicking here).  I am going to attempt his method.  First off I went out and bought some thin Masonite (aka peg board without the holes).

I also bought a bunch of glossy spray paint.

Next I trimmed the board with my table saw.

Once trimmed it fit the frame perfectly.

Next I gave the whole board a coat of black paint.

Then I used some white paint to create some stars.  To do this I sprayed some paint onto my finger and flicked the paint onto the board.

Next I created my first planet with it's moon. Unfortunately I couldn't paint and take pictures at the same time, so reference the youtube video here to see how this is done.

Then I created one more planet.

After a while I had finished my star field and planets,

I am impressed by my first attempt.

Once the paint had dried I applied some clear coat.

And I'm done with the star field board!

I tested it out by laying some Star Trek pieces on.

I should note that at the time these pictures were taken I did not have many Star Trek Attack Wing pieces (only 3 ships from the core set).  So I filled in the space with some old Star Trek Micro Machines I had.

But before I begin gaming on my new board I wanted to make a few more things.  For starters I tried making some federations ships a while back with my 3D printer.

For one reason or another these ships did not come out well, so I took pieces off of the different ships and put them together.

Now it's a derelict ship...

...which I'll call "Kobyashi Maru".

I made a wooden stand for the distressed ship and coated everything with primer.

Next I added white spray paint.

When the white paint dried I added some black scarring to really make it look like a ship in distress.

Then I added some blue, red and silver details.

And my Kobyashi Maru is complete!

I had so much fun making this damaged ship!  A few weeks later I attempted to make a few more ships of my own design.

Unfortunately I still have a bit to learn when making and printing 3D ships.  But instead of throwing these pieces away, I decided to make a few more damaged ships.  Perhaps they are casualties from the battle of Wolf 359?

So I took the 4 ships I had made and coated them in primer.

Then I made some wood stands and glued the ships onto the stands.

I used hot glue which will only temporarily hold the stands and ships together.

After the primer dried I added white spray paint.  Then when that dried I began painting them like the Kobyashi Maru.

Then I used Krazy glue to permanently hold the ships to the stands.

Now I have 4 more disabled ships.

These ships will be great for scenarios that involve rescuing stranded crew.

I eventually made some more derelict ships, and repainted the stands to be matte black.

The black stands give more of the illusion that the ships are floating against the black game board.

With all my ships done I wanted to make some small asteroids.  To do this, I cut some small chunks of leftover insulation foam.

Then I sprayed some primer on them.

The primer dissolved some of the foam - but not enough.

So I ripped pieces away - with my finger to give it a more organic shape.

Then more primer.

I made a few more asteroids...

but sanded the foam before spraying.

While the primer dried I started making some bases for the asteroids.  I cut some thin plywood...

...and cut some small dowels.

A little drilling, sanding and gluing and I have a stand!

...followed by many more.

Then I glued the asteroids to their stands.

Then more primer.

Followed by some black paint.

 Then followed by some dustings of more gray primer.

The end results were some pretty awesome looking asteroids.

Then I gave them a coat of clear coat.

When they dried I laid the asteroids on the game boards.

Now I have a mini asteroid belt!

And I threw in a few ships.

Like my derelict ships, I eventually painted the asteroid bases black to match the game board.

Now I think I have enough to play some awesome games!  I'll be posting some game scenarios using these boards and pieces soon, so keep an eye out for them if you're interested in these kinds of games.
Thanks for reading!

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