Monday, May 4, 2015

Rustic Night Stands

When my girlfriend, my dog and I moved to Arizona almost a year ago we didn't bring any furniture with us.  One of our first purchases was a bed, and we bought these inexpensive night stands for our bedroom.

They were adequate, but both of us wanted something better.  For months I told my girlfriend that I would build some new night stands to match the dressers I built, but I always wound up working on other projects until now.  I designed some night stands to match the other rustic furniture in our bedroom.  These night stands will have a drawer, plus a small storage space underneath.  I drew up my plans in Google SketchUp.

Having my lumber list, I went to the hardware store...

...and bought all the wood necessary.

Next I began drawing all the trim lines.

For all the larger pieces, I cut them to size with the table saw.

The smaller pieces were cut with my miter saw.

Once all the pieces were cut it was onto the next step - the router table.

Usually when I build stuff I use my router towards the end.  Not this time!  I recently built a table extension for my router, and it is much easier to get everything routed using the table.  I started by routing the trim for the sides.

Then I routed the legs and cross beams.

Next came the drawer fronts...

...followed by the table top.

Another thing I usually do when building stuff is sand everything when it's all assembled.  This time I'm going to sand before assembly.  I gathered the pieces needed to make the sides and gave them a good sanding with my orbital sander.

Once all the surfaces were smooth I began drilling pocket holes into the side piece.

I then clamped and screwed the side piece to the legs.

Then I added trim to the tops and bottoms of each side.

With the sides complete I gathered the wood needed for the bottom shelf and the cross beams.  Once again I sanded everything smooth before assembly.

The shelf received pocket holes... did the cross beams.

Next I clamped and screwed the shelf to the the front and back cross beams.

Once both shelves were complete, I took the sides I had finished earlier and marked the position for the shelf and the cross beams.

Then I attached the shelbes and cross beams to one of the sides.

Then I attached the other side.

And the carcasses for both nightstands are together!

Next I glued and nailed tracks for the drawers.

Once those were in place I took the table tops and placed them on my work table.  Then I centered the carcasses on top, centered them, and drew guides for screwing the 2 pieces together.

Once my guides were drawn, I drilled holes with countersinks into the table tops.

Then I clamped and screwed the tops to the rest of the night stands.

These things are coming along nicely.

Now it's time to make the drawers.  Once again I sanded everything before assembly.

I drilled pocket holes into the sides of the drawer pieces...

Then assembled the frame of the drawer with pocket screws.

Next I inserted the bottom the the drawer which also was attached with pocket screws.

Then I attached the drawer front using screws.

The drawers fit in perfectly and slide easily in and out.

Next I removed the drawers and drew in lines to mark the center of the front.  I drilled a hole...

...then attached a knob which matches the knobs I used with my other bedroom furniture.

And for the most part assembly is complete.

There are some gaps on the bottom shelf...

...and in the drawers.

To fix the gaps on the bottom shelves I cut some trim using leftover wood.

Then I changed the bit in my router to a round-over bit.  I ran the trim through the router table.

I trimmed each piece on the miter saw and gave the fronts a 45 degree cut.

Then I glued/nailed them to the areas that had gaps on the bottom shelves.

For the gaps in the drawers I cut some thin plywood...

And I glued and nailed them to the corners of each drawer.

With the gaps dealt with I then started gluing plugs in all the visible pocket holes.

Then I gave the nightstands some wood filler in the spots that needed it.

While the filler on the night stands dried I removed the fronts from the drawers.

I then applied filler to the fronts as well.

Once the stands and drawer front were dry I sanded and cleaned them up.

After cleaning I put the night stands on my saw horses, upside down.

The drawer fronts were on a different table.

I stained the drawer fronts first....

...followed by the upside down night stands.

When the bottoms were done I flipped the stands onto their right side and finished staining.

After all the staining was complete I let the stands dry overnight.

Once the stain sad dried I applied some satin polyurethane.

Next I reassembled the drawers.

And the night stands look great!

I then used some Grade 0000 steel wool to sand/soften the surfaces.

Once sanding was done I cleaned the night stands with some water and a rag.

And I'm finally done!

I removed the old night stands and put them out on my patio - they look nicer out there.

Then I put the new night stands in place.

These stands turned out great!  I'm finally glad I worked on these!

One last thing I made for this was to take some of the scrap trim I made earlier and I turned it into a little picture frame which I stained and added a picture of my girlfriend and I.

I put the picture on her night stand and now everything is complete!

Thanks for reading!

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