Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Harry Potter-style Magic Wands 2

A few years ago I made some Harry Potter style magic wands out of paint brush handles and some Apoxy Clay.  

You can see my original build by clicking here.

For the last few days my girlfriend has been reading and watching the whole Harry Potter series over again, and it inspired me to make some new wands (I gave away my old ones).  I stumbled upon a tutorial on on how to make such wands using mainly paper and glue.  You can see the instructables posting by clicking here.  I decided to try it for myself.

First I needed some regular letter-size paper.

Then I used a paintbrush to help me roll the paper up tightly.

Once I removed the brush the paper kept it's curl.

Then I began rerolling it tightly, and applied white glue to the last 1/3rd of the page.

Then I rolled up the rest.

Once the glue dried I snipped off the uneven ends with a scissor.

For some reason my wand was a little flatter than I would have liked.

So I made a second wand, this time keeping the brush inside.

Once the second wand was rolled and glued up, I removed the brush.  Much better than my first attempt.

Since making these 2 wands took about 3 minutes to do, I made 3 more.

The next step was to add some hot glue to fill up both open ends of the wand.  I used low-temp mini glue sticks with a low temp glue gun.

For 2 of my wands I left the uneven paper curl at one end to help make an interesting wand handle.  These larger open-ends required a bit more glue to fill it up.

When the ends were dry I then used the glue gun to start making designs on each of the wands.

Once I finished each design, I placed the wand in a cup to fully dry/cool off.

To make 5 wands from start to this point took less than 10 minutes.

I then made 2 more wands, but these were longer.

Next I gave each wants a few layers of primer.

While the primer dried I dug up a piece of a tree branch I found back in NY that I had wanted to make into a wand.

I added some hot glue to build up the handle...

...then applied some primer.

The fist coats of primer did ok, but the edges of the paper could still be seen.

So I dredged on the primer until no edges could be seen.  I then propped the wands off the table so they could dry properly.

When the primer had fully dried I began painting them various shades of brown acrylic.

When the paint dried I added some darker washes to make the details stand out.

Then I added some gold and silver details to most of them.

3 of the wands I left as-is.

Then I let everything dry once again.

When everything was dry I gave it some clear coat.

And I'm done!

I think these turned out great, and they only took a few hours to make!

A few days later my girlfriend wanted a longer wand, but one that was more plain and simple.  So I made a longer, simpler one for her, and another one that was reminiscent to the Elder wand.

This time I decided to use plasti-dip spray instead of primer.

When that dried I went about painting them differently.  Instead of using washes, I painted a base, dark coat on the wands...

...then when the base dried, I dry-brushed on lighter colors.

Next I added some gold swirls, following the page ends on the plain wand.

I added little flourishes here and there to give it more of a nice look.  I left the elder-ish wand alone, with the exception of a little silver at the point.

When all the paint dried I then applied some clear coat.

And I'm done!

This is a nice and simple way to make magic wands, and it's also a lot of fun!
Thanks for reading!

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