Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DIY Chop Station.

On one sad Friday morning my beloved table saw broke, which pushed me to make a new table saw the very next day.

You can see that build by clicking here.
One great thing about the table saw was that I utilized a workshop table that I wasn't really using.  After completing the table saw I looked at another hardly used table - which my miter saw was sitting on - a decided to make a dedicated chop saw station using that table.

I once thought about making a chop station, but only got as far as making some extensions which floated around the table as I needed.  My miter saw itself also was not attached to my table, as I often moved it around.

When I made my table saw I used an entirely new 2x4 piece of plywood for the top, leaving the old table top without a purpose.  I decided to use this wood to build the new chop station.

The first step was to cut some strips for the new extensions.  First up was the top of the extensions which I made the same width as the miter saw's turn base.

To get the accurate height of the extensions, I used my precision ruler.

I then used that measurement to set up a guide on the saw table...

...and cut some more strips of wood.

I then glued and nailed the different pieces together...

...to make the extensions.

Making both extensions did not take very long, but I'm glad I made all the necessary measurements.  Now this thing is perfectly level.

But both extensions extend past the width of the workshop table.  So I marked the end of the table on each extension and trimmed them on the table saw.

Now both extensions end at the edge of the table.

When making the extension sides, I totally forgot about adjusting the height to match the miter saw's fence.

So I cut 2 more pieces of wood to match the height of the fence.

The new pieces were glued and nailed onto the extensions.

Now they have a fence as well that's the same height as the miter saw's fence.

I took the longest piece of wood I had in the workshop to make sure it sat level on the saw and 2 extensions.  This particular piece of wood is not entirely straight, but it is sitting level.

Next I screwed the miter saw to the work table.  Then I glued each extension, clamped them to the table and used some brad nails to hold them in place.

After a few hours of drying the extensions were firmly in place.  I used my mouse sander to begin sanding all the edges smooth.

And this thing works like a charm.  Although the saw and extensions are locked to the table, the table is self has casters (wheels), so I can easily move the table around if I need to cut some wood that is too long for that particular area of my workshop.

But there is one last thing to make  - a stop block.  To make this I simply cut one of the leftover pieces from the extensions.

...and glued a piece of wood against it.

I can easily clamp this stop block onto the fence of the extensions.

...thus making multiple of the same size cuts.

And with that, I officially call this chop station done!

This was a simple task to accomplish.  I just don't know why it took me so long to do.

I'm excited to start working with my new chop station!

Now I have a completed table saw...

...with a completed chop saw station next to it.

This side of my garage was more-or-less dedicated for storage.  But now I have 2 tables dedicated to sawing material!  I am so exited to begin working on new projects!!!

Thanks for reading!

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