Monday, May 16, 2016

Groot Mask #1

Who doesn't love Groot?

Not long ago I made a Star Lord helmet and gun for my friend Brad.

He plans of wearing these when he goes to the upcoming Comic Con in NY.  His girlfriend however does not have a matching costume.  Sooooo I thought I'd make her a simple Groot mask to wear.  I have a lot of EVA foam mats leftover from the Star Lord build so I'll be using one of those.

Then I free-handed a sketch... I know where to cut the foam out.

Now to work on some of those details.

I first used my soldering iron to divide up parts of his face.

Then I used my hot knife to add in smaller details.

These thin cuts don't look like anything special when the mask is flat...

...however when the mask is curved those details stand out better.

It took a little while to carve it all out.

But when it was done it showed a little promise.

Next I glued and screwed on some elastic to the insides.

Now it can be worn.

"I am depressed Groot".

As cool as it's looking, it's still a bit flat looking.  So I decided to use my dremel to better shape the features.

I'm also now trying to give him a smile.

After a little more dremel work I sanded the mask with sandpaper.

Next I cleaned it up and added some foam to the inside.  The mask itself pushes a little too much against my nose, so these spacers will make it more comfortable to wear.

Then I added a few layers of Plastidip to seal up the foam.

Next Came Primer...

...then some brown spray paint.

When the brown paint dried I brought the mask inside and began applying black acrylic paint to portions of of the face.

Then I used a damp sponge to wipe away most of the paint from the upper surfaces.  This leaves a good amount of black paint in the valleys and crevices.

I did this to the whole mask.

Then I used some medium browns and dry-brushed the upper surfaces.

Then I used some lighter browns and dry-brushed over the medium browns.

Now it's looking good.  Time for some finishing touches.

I used my blotting sponge to add the green moss that's seen on the top of Groot's head.  I started with a rich green...

...then made some highlights with lighter greens.

And I'm just about done!

I just needed to add some matte clear coat to finish the whole thing.

And I'm done!

  Next I packed up the mask with my friend's Star Lord Helmet and gun and shipped them.

When they received the package, they sent me these photos:

I think this Groot mask turned out pretty excellently!  It's not identical to what's seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but anyone who's seen the movie will know what this is.
Thanks for reading!

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