Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Guitar Wall Shelf

For my next project I want to make a shelf in my workshop to hold all my various block and bench planes.  Currently they're sitting in a drawer.

I used to have them on a 6-foot long wall shelf...

...but due to some problems, I made the shelf into two smaller shelves and the planes were then moved into a drawer.

At this point I have quite enough shelves that look like the ones above, so I'd like to make something a bit different.  I have an abundance of scrap 3/4" plywood at my disposal...

 ...plus I have this electric guitar neck that's been bouncing around my workshop.

So I think I want to make a wall shelf for my planes that looks like a guitar.  To start I traced the shape of my Fender Strat guitar onto some of the plywood with a pencil.

The sheet of plywood that I used was just a little too small for the guitar, so some of the rounded edges will be cut out of another piece of plywood.

Then I went over the pencil with marker.

Next I decided to cut the shapes out with my jigsaw table jig.  The jig works well, but I still need a lot of practice with it.

One sheet of plywood isn't going to be good enough since the head of the guitar neck bends back.

So I glued the pieces onto a second .75" thick piece of plywood.

I decided instead of clamping to simply use some weights to hold the pieces together while drying.

Once dry I opted to use my reciprocating saw to rough-cut the 2nd piece of plywood...

...then used a trim router to make the edges level on both layers of plywood.

Next I used my belt sander to shape and smooth the edges.

Once done, I routed the edges of the guitar using a round-over bit on my router table.

Then I sanded everything with fine sandpaper on my mouse sander.

Once all the surfaces and edges were nice and smooth I used a 1/2" flute bit on my trim router to begin cutting out an area of the guitar neck to sit flush with the rest of the guitar.

This took some time, but it was worth it.

Now the neck fits perfectly into the guitar.

I drilled some holes in the back with countersinks...

...and attached the neck to the rest of the guitar shape with screws.

Looking good so far!

Now it was time to layout the shelves.  I used a straight edge against the bottom fret of the neck and drew lines across the guitar body.

All these lines will be used to make sure the shelves are parallel.

Then I went through more of my scrap wood to find boards to use for shelves.

3 boards will work well to hold the 5 planes that I have.

So I then routed one edge of each of the boards to make it rounded.

I then cut each board to size on the miter saw and sanded with fine sandpaper.

I then drilled holes through the guitar body...

...and attached each shelf.

These are all attached with self-tapping deck screws.

In a continued effort not to spend any money on this project, I removed the neck and spray painted the body with some leftover red spray paint.

I also highlighted the edges with some gold spray paint and let the whole thing dry for several hours.

Once finally dry, I reattached the neck.

Then I mounted the guitar shelf to the wall, making sure all the shelves were level.

And I'm done!  I put my planes on the new shelf.

What a very cool-looking shelf!

Now I can store all my work gloves in that drawer the planes were once in.

Having the planes visible will make me want to use them more often.

This was a fun project and it took me about a day to make.  And best of all - I spent absolutely no new money on this cool shelf.
Thanks for reading!

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