Monday, September 25, 2017

DIY Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

With my wedding just 2 months away (at the time I'm writing this) it's time to get things moving.  This entry is about the centerpieces I'm making. My fiancee Found this picture of a lantern with flowers on the top that she wanted.

So I found some lanterns sold at Kirkland's that we both liked.

We also found some nice large plates (or chargers) at Kirkland's that we bought and decided to use under each lantern

Together they look pretty good.

But now it's time to make it look more like the photo my fiancee supplied me.  For this I'll need some pliers, wire cutters and a small screw driver.

Since it's just a little too hot in Arizona for nice, real flowers we bought plastic flowers and trimmed each stem with the wire cutters.

We also bought some plastic Ivy to decorate around the bottom of the lantern.

Unfortunately this lantern doesn't have a door, so I had to disassemble it a little.  Removing 4 small screws from the bottom gets the bottom of the lantern and the candle off.

Next I unscrewed 4 more screws on the inside top which removed the top cap and loop of the lantern.   Underneath is a hole for me to place flowers through - which is great.  If there wasn't a hole I would have had to drill one.

I began fitting in the flowers on the top.

First light blue flowers, then dark blue flowers...

...and lastly some peach colored flowers to make the top look nice and full.

For the bottom I taped up some ivy into a ring... wrap around the base of the lantern. The ivy works, but I'm not crazy about the clearly plastic base surrounding the candle.

So I went back out and bought some moss, which I wrapped around the candle.

With the lantern all together again, the moss looks great.

I added some large leaves to the flower on the top, but wasn't crazy about them.

Removing the leaves makes it look nicer. 

My fiancee really likes them...

...but she thinks they could be made to look a little nicer.

So my my fiancee and I did a little more shopping for round nicer flowers for the tops of the lanterns.

So we have 4 lanterns - which is half of what we need for our wedding.

We also did away with that particular Ivy that was around the bottom.  We'll have to find something better when we go out and buy the other lanterns.

Aside from the 4 other lanterns to make, I had to make one bigger centerpiece for the Sweet Heart Table.  For this I'm using a very nice lantern I've had my eye on for some time from Pier One.

When I bought this lantern it didn't come with a candle, so that is something else I'll have to pick up later.

I used the flowers from the prototype lantern I made earlier, 

...this time placing them around the base of the lantern.

The plate that goes underneath this lantern is of the same style as the other chargers, but larger and rectangular.

The lantern fits nicely, but my fiancee felt it needed a bit more.

So I added some of the new flower bushels we bought for the other lanterns and now it looks nice and full.

We also found a nice candle for the inside.

Eventually we bought the 4 remaining lanterns and flowers and repeated the processes from earlier.  We also found a better, fuller-looking Ivy to put around each lantern.

Since we now have 9 large and decorated lanterns, we decorated the house with them until the wedding.  2 on the fireplace mantle, 2 on the dining room buffet table with the sweet heart centerpiece...

...2 on one book shelf in the living room...

...and two on the other book shelf in the living room.

Come wedding day, this is how our centerpieces looked on each table.

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