Sunday, April 1, 2018

iPad Mount for Tripod & Intro to Video Making

One of my favorite youtubers is a man named Matthias Wandel, who is a genius at making things.  Recently he made a iPad tripod mount out of wood so that he can record video.

You can see Matthias' video by clicking here.

His video reminded me that I have an iPad mini which I do not use.

And I have a tripod that I also do not use.  So after charging the iPad and finding my tripod, I went to my computer and started making plans for my own iPad tripod mount.

I made these plans in Sketchup, and my design is very similar to Matthias', but much more simplistic.

For my iPad mount, I only have it being held on 3 sides, and a hole cut out for the camera lenses.

I could have taken pictures of the build process, but it's pretty much just 3 pieces of wood with a .25" rabbet cut out on each piece, glued to a thin sheet of plywood.  The screw on the tripod attaches to a hole on the bottom of the mount.

My iPad mini slides in and out nicely...

...but it also held in place securely.

Then for fun I recorded some video...

...of me fixing up one of my Grandfather's bench vices.

I then edited the video with Window's Movie Maker, and I uploaded it to

You can click the image above, or the link below to see it.

This was actually the second video I created.  The first had the same music and was simply me cleaning up my workshop - something I'm sure no one wants to see.

Let me know what you think.  I know there are tons of videos out there of various DIY projects, and I can't say that mine are, or will ever be better than any of the videos made by the likes of Matthais Wandel or Jimmy DiResta.  But it's fun to create these projects and I'm hoping the videos will be fun as well.

Thanks for reading!

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