Monday, June 11, 2018

2 "New" Tool Carts

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
— Ron Swanson

Well, here's a new story of how I assed things up (perhaps in a good way).

After building a table saw / router table out of melamine...

...the table saw part of it broke, and it became a router table / work table with the help of a little more melamine.

Then I went out and bought a new table saw.  But then I needed to make a new table saw cart out of melamine...

...and then a new miter saw cart out of melamine...

...and after all that I had a good deal of leftover melamine.

So I had this crazy idea to make 2 more carts out of melamine- one for my drill press and one for my band saw.

I already have places for both these tools, but I was on a high from making nice-looking melamine and wood carts.  But before starting this new endeavor, I was putting some finishing touches on some of the other carts.  Namely I had a sheet of MDF which I used to make drawers for the table saw cart...

...and a new plate for the router.

It was at this point when I was working with the router that I thought to myself, "I don't like how this router table is attached to the rest of this table."

So, crazy me, decided instead of building 2 new carts from scratch, I should instead take my one big table...

...and cut it in half.

Not really half, but into 2 separate carts - one, a router table and one a storage / tool cart.  So one day I just went for it.  To make the router table section I simply cut the long bottom sheet of melamine, and the 1x2 wood supports which were underneath the table top.  Then I added the 2 casters from the other part and attached them to the new router table.

The other cart required some additional pieces of melamine - which I had plenty of.  And I added smaller casters that I had, which made that cart a little shorter.  But that is actually okay because I moved the band saw onto this cart and now the height is perfect for using that tool.  I also placed my belt/disc sander next to the band saw.

2 smaller carts are easier to move around in my workshop than the one bigger one.  Plus, I'm so crazy and wind up rearranging the layout of my workshop so often that smaller carts are easier to deal with and place is certain spots.

There are still a few small things I'd like to do to each of these carts, like adding nicer drawers to the router table, and possible a door to the band saw / sander cart, but for now I am pleased with my 2 "new" carts.

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